Useful Resources
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Links to Useful Resources
Flash Actionscript:
Actionscript Cheatsheet
Flash Guru
Actionscript Forun
Actionscript Tips and Tricks
Actionscript Links

Flash sites:
Great Flash sites
Drum Machine
Flint Flash Particle Systems
Jason Nelson Netart
Joshua Davis Pray Station
Hoogergrugge and Wiggle Flow
Hoogergrugge and Wiggle Spin
Unscrew America
Albino Sheep Flash Art Sites

Flash Games:

Student Selected Creative Flash Games
Kelly Bresnan
Karoshi:Suicide Salaryman
RagDoll Cannon

Jared Contrascere
Fancy Pants Adventure
Music Catch

Jonathan Gear
Mansion Impossible
Desktop Tower Defense 1.5
World Wars

Andrew Jackson
The Missile Game 3D
Magnet Towers v2

Dallin Jensen
Portal: The Flash Version
Warzone Tower Defense
Bowmaster Prelude
Scott Kelley
Fantastic Contraption
Bubble Spinner

Kathryn Kosey
Cube Wired
Nanaca Crash
Hell of Sand Game
Cyrkam Airtos
Kyle McNayr
Bubble Tanks 2
The Space Game
Kyle O'Brien
Divine Intervention
Cursur Chaos
PALADIN: the Game

Brandon Scott
Xaio Xaio
Death Vegas on Adultswim
Luke Sommer
I Wish I Were The Moon
Cursor * 10
The Majesty of Colors
Thomas Wiebell
Dolphin Olympics 2
Music Catch
Super Stacker 2

Nicholas Wilhelm
Straw Hat Samurai
Volvo FH16
Crazy Mustang

Scott Wohlwend
Slime Volleyball
Impossible Quiz
Kevin Yost
The World's Hardest Game
Free Audio

Sound Effects
(Make sure you download copyright/royalty-free audio ONLY)

To download audio using IE: Find Audio file you want and hold down the Right mouse button over the link and Save Target As...

Pay for sounds: