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Lecture A: The Flash Interface Lecture 4: User Input
Lecture B: Animation Lecture 5: Extras & Game Design
Lecture 1: Drawing with Code and ActionScripting Lecture 6: Linking up the Nucleus
Lecture 2: Graphics Application Development Lecture 7: Brainstorming Game Types
Lecture 3: Working with Movieclips Lecture 8: Topics for Discussion
  Lecture 9: Preloaders and JavaScript Windows

Topics for Discussion

In teams of 2, research one of the following topics and present the information to the class and lead the class in a 15-30 minute discussion or debate. You can give the class reading assignments, websites to visit, podcasts to watch, etc. before your discussion. Please assign the reading/watching assignment the Wednesday before you present your topic.

  Topic Student 1 Student 2
Mar 23 Educational Gaming Dallin Jensen Scott Wohlwend
Mar 23 Gaming and Careers Kevin Yost Kyle McNayr
Mar 30 Gaming and Violence Brandon Scott Jared Contrascere
Mar 30 Socially Responsible Gaming Luke Summer Scott Kelly
Mar 30 Gaming and Psychological Issues Andrew Jackson Jonathan Gear
Apr 8 Gaming and Art Kyle O'Brien Kathryn Kosey
Apr 8 Music and Gaming Nick Wilhelm Kelly Bresnan
Apr 8 The Future of Video Gaming Tommy Wiebell  
Apr 8 Gaming and Gender Bonnie Mitchell  
Educational Gaming

Several articles about the debate about whether or not educational games are helpful:

Several articles about the debate about whether or not educational games are helpful:




What are some educational games that you liked as a kid, and what was successful about them?
Do you find educational games to be useful learning tools?
Do you find them fun?

Oregon Trail
Math Blaster

Educational Flash games to look at:


Language Arts



Social Studies
-hand eye coordination, reflexes
-mouse skills

Gaming and Careers

Gaming and Violence

"AAP - Joint Statement on the Impact of Entertainment Violence on Children Congressional Public Health Summit".

"When Two Tribes Go to War: A History of Video Game Controversy".

"Effects of Video Games on Aggression".

" - Violence in Video Games Part 1: The Early Medium".

Socially Responsible Gaming

Ideas and examples for our presentation

  1. Can video games be a force for change?
  2. Socially Responsible Video Games: Enough is Enough
  3. 2009 Theme & Millennium Development Goals
  4. Video games: Tetris to treat trauma? It's just another reason why gaming is good for us
  5. Client statistics by OS
Gaming and Psychological Issues

The effects of violent video game habits on adolescent hostility, aggressive behaviors, and school performance

Beyond Psychological Theory: Getting Data That Improves Games

Psychological Studies on Role-Playing Games

The Psychological Effects of Playing Video Games

The Story of Online Gaming and Its Effect on Children

How Video Games Affect Health

Video Game Controversy

Video Games Fill Psychological Need

Video Games Put the Young Way Ahead

Players Love the Game not Gore

Gaming and Art

Games vs. Art: Ebert vs. Barker

Is it Art?

Music and Gaming
OverClocked ReMix

Music and Gaming: Why is it important to you?

The Music Behind the Games

The Future of Video Gaming
Gaming and Gender

Part 1: Depiction of Women and Men in Games

From barely identifiable to overtly sexual: the woman's journey in gaming

The Girls of Gaming

EU report: women objectified in games. Ars: and in other media

Video gaming magazines' depictions of male strength influences boys


Consider this:
Character selections in games (available types and genders)
Abilities of characters
Gener-based themes in games
Harrassment and assumptions based on gender
Body image - male and female expectations of self

DEBATE - Gender representation in video games has no effect on real life and it does not matter how men and women are depicted - it is a fictional world and fantasy only.

Pro: Depiction of gender in video games is not a problem because it is only fiction.

Con: Gender depiction in video games effects how people interact and think in our real world and we need to change how we depict people in games.

Girls Playing Video Games

Notes to consider:

Comments and Recommendations from the Girls 'n' Gaming event at UCLA 2006

  • Girls play games.
  • Developers shouldn't try to focus on "girl game design" -- stereotyping game design by gender leads to missteps.
  • Player-generated content is popular amongst girls, as is social gameplay.
  • "Cuteness" in games, like anime and manga culture in Japan, encourages girls to get involved in gameplay.
  • Women gamers and girl gamers are different; women and teenage girls have different demands on their time.
  • Girls and women shouldn't just be gamers, but developers too.

NPD Group research Study on Kids and Gaming:

  • Girls tend to leave gaming behind as they get older, while boys tend to move from PC games to console and cell phone games.
  • Girls spend more time with online games than boys.
  • All Woman Gamers, Please Stand Up (read the comments too)
    Game Girls

    DEBATE - Girls are not naturally attracted to video gamesbecause of a variety of reasons (competition, violence, graphic depictions, technical abilities, hand-eye coordination, logical thinking skills, they see how much time is wasted on them, they have better things to do with their spare time, they like playing games that involve real-life components

    Pro: Girls don't like or play video games because they don't consider what females like to do in their spare time.

    Con: There is no problem, girls play video games and the games available are fine like they are.