Assignments - Spring 2009 - ARTC 433 - Bowling Green State University
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Turning in files
• Exercises are due in the Homework folder prior to the beginning of class.
• Revised project files are due the following class period after the critique due date Assignments turned in after the revised assignment deadline will receive a zero.
• When turning in assignments, use the following naming convention: username_project1, username_exercise1, etc.
Assignments: [1: Nucleus Site]     [2: Nucleus Connected]                  Final: [Flash Final] [Proposal]
Exercises: [1: Drawing]     [2: Graphics]     [3: Interaction]      [4: Input]     [5: Extras-Games]
Projects Description Due Date
Assign 1 Advanced Flash Nucleus Site
Develop an interactive flash page to house your Flash exercises. The page should be creative and interactive. The page will be used to link up all of your Flash exercises. You can develop a theme for your site or design it to be visually interesting with no particular theme.

Call the buttons Exercise 1, Exercise 2, etc. You do not have to write the code to go to the exercise yet.

Requirements (7 links):

  • 5 buttons for the exercises
  • 1 link to your final project proposal
  • 1 link to your final project
  • all links to the exercises should have animated rollovers
  • an HTML page called index.html that loads up the Flash Nucleus page

    • (if you have a portfolio site already, make a folder called flash and we will put the index.html and swf file in there.)

  • optional: when you select the button you can animate the transition to that page.

Good examples:
Tara Wilson's Nucleus site click artc433
Kim Young's Nucleus site

Flash Exercise A Notes
Flash Exercise B Notes

Due: Wed. Jan. 21
Turn in:
index.html, .fla and .swf
to HomeWork folder, labeled: username_nucleus

Projects Description Due Date
Exercise 1

The Drawing API
Create a "Make Art Button" in Flash. You should have more than one button (2 or 3) that will enable people to change parameters or create different images or random artworks. Use the following Drawing tools in Flash: lineTo, curveTo, moveTo, drawRect, drawRoundRect, drawCircle, clear, beginFill, endFill. Use randomness and loops (for loop or while loop).

Look up Optical art and geometric patterns. Try to create an aestetically pleasing composition.

Flash Exercise 1 Notes

Due: Mon. Feb 2
Projects Description Due Date
Exercise 2

Graphic Application Development
Make a very creative drawing program in Flash. Enable the user to draw lines and curves as well as change the colors, line width and alpha values. You can create functions that create shapes that the user can select from. You can have fills and gradient fills as a selection. The drawing program can be a work of art and should not be a standard drawing program with a menu and toolbar. Don't forget to put a clear button in there.

Requirements - your drawing program should allow the user to do:
Freestyle drawing
Make shapes
Change parameters of fills, lines, etc.
Clear the screen

The design of the interface will also be graded.

Flash Exercise 2 Notes

Sample Drawing file
Due: Mon. Feb 9
Projects Description Due Date
Exercise 3 Interaction and Managing Assets
Create an interactive exercise that includes at least one each of the following:
  • creating a new MovieClip or Sprite using code
  • adding a new MovieClip from the Library
  • adding multiple movieclips or sprites each with unique names
  • ability to remove the movieclips that have been added
  • loading an external SWF
  • loading an external JPG or PNG
  • getting rid of the SWF and JPG/PNG
  • ability to drag a movieClip or Sprite around
  • detecting when the movieclip or sprite hits another object (do something)
  • a good visually interesting interface based on a theme
DO NOT copy my code exactly - you should try to understand what I did and create your own exercise that utilizes these methods to work with your exercise.

Flash Exercise 3 Notes

Due: Mon. Feb 16
Projects Description Due Date
Exercise 4 User Input
Create an exploratory interface using one or more of the following:
  • Toggle button
  • Radio Buttons
  • Slider
  • Picking up and dropping off elements
  • Scrolling Graphics
Go beyond just copying the code of the exercise. Experiment with different interface elements and push what I have taught further. You can use anything you have learned so far - for example: randomness, movieClip methods and drawing code.

You must make some of your buttons/sliders functions

Flash Exercise 4 Notes

Due: Mon. Feb 23
Projects Description Due Date
Exercise 5

Extras and Flash Games
Part 1: Find 3 very creatively designed Flash games. The creativity can be demonstrated through the visual look, the interaction or overall concept.

Be prepared to show the games in class (so practice the games before you get to class) and email the URLs to ( by Monday 9am

Part 2: Create an exercise that includes the following items:

  1. Sounds - internal and external
  2. A Mask
  3. GotoAndStop and gotoAndPlay
  4. Scripts on Frames
  5. Timer and Date

You could create a very small game where the user has to accomplish a task to get to the next level or just do a random exercise using the features.

Flash Exercise 5 Notes

Presentation of Flash Games Due: Mon. March 2

Strategies Due: Wed. Mar 4


Projects Description Due Date
Assign 2 Finalize the Nucleus site

  • Attach all SWFs
  • Test thoroughly
  • Fix all exercises (check reguirements)

Flash Exercise 6 Notes

Nucleus with all exercises connected: Wed. March 4
Final Project

Final Project
Final projects can be Flash games, interactive narratives, or interactive artworks. The project should be based on a well-thought out concept. If you are going to do a game, it must NOT be too similar to a game that already exists. The idea is to develop a game that is creatively different from existing games. It can be based on one of the basic types of game strategies discussed in class.

There will be a weekly demonstration of the progress of your final project:

Showcase of Assets
Showcase of Strategies
Showcase of Levels
Showcase of Functionality
Showcase of Working Prototype

Final projects will be graded based on the idea, visual quality, interactivity, functionality, complexity and completeness.

All Flash projects must be 100% completed by the final exam time.

Final Critique: Mon. May 4

Post online and turn in a copy of the .fla, .swf and index.html file to Homework folder

Showcase of:

Assets Due Mon. Mar 30
Strategies Due Mon. Apr 6
Levels Due Mon. Apr 13
Functionality Due Apr 20
Prototype Due Apr 27

Final Project Proposal Write a professional proposal for your final project. The proposal should contain the following:
  • Introduction (describe concept)
  • Technical description of piece
  • Logistics (location, how you will obtain what you need, reference materials)
  • Schedule of completion
  • Drawings, images or other visual diagrams

The final proposal needs to be created as an HTML or Flash page and attached to your Nucleus site.

Due: Mon. Mar. 23 attached to Flash Nucleus site as an HTML document or Flash page(s).
FINAL Flash Nucleus Web Site

The Nucleus site must have working links to all projects including the final project.

Files NOT turned into the HW folder and posted on the nucleus site by the deadline will result in an F.
Due: Tues. May 5 by 5:00 pm