Class Schedule - Spring 2009 - ARTC 312 - Bowling Green State University
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January Tentative Schedule Assigned: What is due
12 Mon

Introduction: syllabus, assignments, concepts, and examples.

Watch: YouTube examples and past student work, Larry Cuba.

Proj 1: Start AnimOptics Anim.
Assign 1: Create Blog
Assign 2: Find 3 animations that show good timing and post on blog.

14 Wed

Technical: Preferences, Keyframes, animating attributes, frame rates, Graph editor, tangents, playblasts

Animation Concepts: Timing (how it defines meaning, ease in/out, weight)

Exercise 1: Setting Keys - Animate a rotation, translation and scale

Due: Assign 1: Blog and post on the main page


19 Mon

No School - Martin Luther King Day


21 Wed

Creating audio in Audition, animating textures, hierarchical animation

Concepts: Timing continued, anticipation, relationship between visual and sound, composition, design principles (color, shape, etc)


Assign 3: Find 10 sounds on Internet

Exercise 2: Audtition - Create a sound composition with imported sound and home-made sounds


Due: Assign 2: 3 timing animations added to blog
26 Mon

Lattices, nonlinear deformers, path animation, rendering, compositing

Exercise 3: Animating Textures and Synchronization

Exercise 4: Nonlinear Deformers

Exercise 5: Path Animation

28 Wed

After Effects, Adding Sound to the Animation

Watch: DVD Timing and Animation- Norman McLaren, Oskar Fischinger, John Whitney

Exercise 6: After Effects - adding effects Due: Assign 3: 10 Sounds
2 Mon Workday    
4 Wed Critique   Due: Proj 1: AnimOptical Animation
9 Mon

Ball animation, Graph Editor, Setting Key Frames

Show examples of good obstacle courses

Play with bouncing balls of various sizes and weights

Proj 2: Obstacle Course


Due: Proj 1: Revised AnimOptical Animation
11 Wed

Concepts: Physics (gravity, weight, timing, spacing), anticipation, action/reaction, follow through

Exercise 7: Animate Heavy and Light bouncing balls
16 Mon

Hierarchical Animation, Animating Cameras


Proj 2: Half done obstacle course

Exercise 8: Camera Animation

Due: Proj 2: Environment for Obstacle Course (3 views with textures)

Due: Proj 1: Three comments on blogs about final AniOpt project. Comment on the three names BELOW you on the list.

18 Wed Concept: Cinematics - 180 rule, closeup, long shot, camera angles, appropriate places to cut    
23 Mon

Graph Editor (step / camera cuts), tangent weight, splines

  Due: Proj 2: Half done Obstacle course
25 Wed Workday    
2 Mon Critique   Due: Proj 2: Obstacle Course
4 Wed Revised Obstacle Course Critique Due: Proj 2: Obstacle Course revised
9 Mon Spring Break  
11 Wed Spring Break  
16 Mon

Concept: Storytelling, goal, obstacle, resolution, Personality of objects and how it effects motion

Lecture: Storyboarding


Proj 3: Final Inanimate Object Animation

Part 1: Idea generation for the final (5 goals, obstacles and solutions on blog)

18 Wed

Lecture: Principles of animation: Class notes & Youtube video with principles, cartoon motion

Read website about the 12 principles (resources page)

Idea Generation: talk about the goals, obstacles and resolutions



Part 2: Storyboard

Part 3: Story in paragraph form and 2 Character Descriptions on blog

Due: Part 1: 5 goals, obstacles and solutions on Blog


23 Mon Storyboard Critique

Part 4: Characters modeled, textured and lit

Part 3b: 3 Comments on blogs ABOVE your name

Part 2/6: Revise the story and storyboard. Scan it in and put in AfterEffects

Due: Part 2: Storyboard

Due: Part 3: 2 character descr.
& Story in paragraph form on blog

25 Wed

Storyboard Critique continued

Intermediate Deformers (Clusters, Blend Shapes, etc), 3D Paint tool for Textures

Scanning storyboards and making an animatic.

  Due Friday Mar 27: Part 3b:
3 comments on blogs above your name
30 Mon

Model Critique and revised stories in AfterEffects


Part 5: Environment modeled, textured, lit

Part 6: Final Animatic with timing

Due: Part 4: Both characters modeled, textured and posted on blog and put in the homework folder.

Due: Part 2/6: Revised story, storyboard and first draft animatic

1 Wed Acting for Animation, IK joints, IK, FK, parent the IK to the controller
6 Mon

Environment Critique

Render Settings, toon shaders

Part 7: One half done

Due: Part 5: 3 rendered images of the environment

Due: Part 6: Animatic complete with proper timing

8 Wed More IK skinning and painted weights, Rough animatic with 3d shots of blocked out movements
13 Mon Animation Critique Proj 3: Three quarters done Due: Part 7: One half done animation with sound rendered out
15 Wed Compositing, Individual Meetings    
20 Mon Half class critique   Due: Proj 3: Three quarters done
22 Wed Half class critique    
27 Mon Authoring a DVD Part 8: Format for Final Turn-in  
29 Wed Final Critique  

Due: Proj 3: Final Inanimate Object Animation

Due by noon Friday May 1: Part 8: Final DVD and animations on harddrive

4 Mon Individual Meetings (by appointment)