Course notes
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Lecture 1: Intro to Animating with Maya Lecture 7: Camera Moves and Positions
Lecture 2: Keyframing, Graph Editor, Playblast Lecture 8: Path Animation
Lecture 3: Digital Audio Lecture 9: Principles of Animation
Lecture 4: Audio, Projects, Hierarchy, Principles Lecture 10: Paint Effects
Lecture 5: Deformers, Path, Rendering, After Effects Lecture 11: Creating Sets and Clusters
Lecture 6: Ball Bounce Lecture 12: Making a Playable DVD
 Lecture 10: Sets and Clusters
Sets and Clusters

Creating Quick Select Sets:

  1. Change to Select by Component and select the CVs or vertices you want

  2. Create menu - Sets - Quick Select Set... then name it

  3. Create as many sets as you want of an object and the CVs/vertices can belong to more than one set.

  4. To select the set, Edit menu - Quick Select Sets

To create a cluster:

  1. First make sure you have enough subdivisions in your geometry to bend the object nicely.

  2. Change to Select by Component mode

  3. Select some CVs or vertices

  4. Make sure you are in the Animation Menu set

  5. Select Create Deformers - Cluster

  6. Test it by selecting the C and moving and rotating it

  7. Go to the Create menu and in the front or top window, use the CV tool to draw an arrow or shape

  8. Change back to Select by Object

  9. Select the Cluster handle - the C

  10. In the Attribute Editor, select Cluster1HandleShape

  11. Open Weighted Node section

  12. Change the name of the cluster1Handle with curve1 - the C will jump to the curve shape

  13. Click the ClusterHandleShape tab and open the Object Display section and click the Visibilty OFF

Painting Cluster Weights

  1. Select the object that has the clusters on it

  2. Make sure the Cluster has been pulled out to show the deformation

  3. Select Edit Deformers - Paint Cluster Weights Options

  4. Adjust the Opacity and Radius

  5. Change between Add and Smooth

  6. Hit the 5 key to see the object shaded and paint on the object (adjust the Opacity to get more or less effect)

  7. To adjust the size of the bush, hold the B ley and drag the brush