Class Schedule - Spring 2008 - ARTC 400 - Bowling Green State University
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January Tentative Schedule Assigned: What is due
7 Mon Introduction: syllabus, assignment 1, watch animations, drawing using a light table and registration, Proj 1: Metamorphosis & Blog  
9 Wed Card exchange, trajectory charts, spacing, timing Exercise 1: trajectory chart, Animation History, Animation Presentations
14 Mon Timing and distance, perspective, & weight. Animator bios, timeline, Animation techniques DVD Exercise 2: trajectory with perspective Due: Blog URL and 1st entry
16 Wed Ex. 3 Ball Bounces Due: Animation History txt
Due: Ex. 1-Rollercoaster
21 Mon No School - Martin Luther King Day    
23 Wed Due: Ex. 2-Envelope
28 Mon Critique - Watch collaborative animation, Stop Motion - Pixelation, Global Warming Proj 2: Pixelation Vignettes Due: Metamorphosis Animation
30 Wed Liz, Greg, Ashlea, David Presentations
4 Mon Paul, Jennifer, Melissa, Max Presentations   Due: Reading response on Blog
Due: Ex. 3-Ball Bounces
6 Wed Andi, Anne, Rick, Brittany Presentations  
11 Mon Glenn, Presentations
Critique of Pixelation animations
  Due: Pixelation Animation
13 Wed Jon, Karly, Anne, Andi, Brian Presentations, 3D forms in Animation  
18 Mon Crit of final Stop Motions, Drawings in 3D   Due: 6 Drawings, Final Stop Motion, Blog Final Ideas
20 Wed Visiting Artist Dominic Catalano    
25 Mon   Due: 4-6 Drawings in Action
27 Wed  
3 Mon Spring Break  
5 Wed Spring Break  
10 Mon  
12 Wed    
17 Mon   Due: Progress Calendar
19 Wed    
24 Mon
26 Wed  
31 Mon   Due: Inprogress Presentation
2 Wed   Due: Inprogress Presentation
Due: Blog Posting-visuals, comments and statement
7 Mon  
9 Wed   Due: 3 Comments on Blogs
14 Mon    
16 Wed    
21 Mon    
23 Wed    
28 Mon Final Critique   Due: Final DVD with label
Due: Final Artist Statement on HD
Due: Animation compressed QT on HD
30 Wed   Due: Web Portfolio Updated with animation(s)