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Joanna Quinn
1962 -

Joanna Quinn has been established as one of Britain's most distinctive animators for her highly detailed hand-drawn artwork with a strong sense of visual rhythm and movement. She studied graphic design at Middlesex Polytechnic after a childhood of drawing experience. She completed a rough version of Girls' Night Out for her graduation show in 1985, completing it two years later after obtaining funding from Channel 4 and S4C. She entered the film for the Annecy Film Festival, where it won three awards and also exposed her to a wide range of international animation for the first time - and also the medium's general lack of strong female characters. She then formed Beryl Productions with writer and producer Les Mills, who had previously been one of her college teachers. Like most animation companies, Beryl Productions alternates between rent-paying commissions (the long-running campaigns for Whiskas cat food and Charmin toilet paper were particularly memorable) and more personal work. Quinn's latest production, a short film entitled Dreams & Desires - Family Ties, was completed in 2006, and it is about one of her reoccuring characters, Beryl, attempting to make a video diary with unforseen and sometimes disastrous consequences. This animation has won 14 international prizes.

Animations Produced:

  • Girls Night Out, 1987
  • Body Beautiful, 1990
  • Elles, 1992
  • Britannia, 1993
  • Famous Fred, 1997
  • The Canterbury Tales, 1998
  • Dreams and Desires - Family Ties, 2006


Submitted by: Max Morrison
as part of ARTC 400, Principles of Animation
Bowling Green State University
Prof. Bonnie Mitchell