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Adam Phillips
1971 -

Born in Narromine, New South Wales, Phillips began drawing at a young age. He began working in industry in 1989 in Queensland, where he was injured and then decided to pursue art seriously. He worked at Disney in Sydney, Australia for eleven years, after which he left to work independently on his own works. He works entirely in flash, and his 'arsenal' as of February, 2008, is:

Software - Adobe Flash CS3 (v.9)
Hardware - thanks to BOXXtech
Dual Core AMD Opteron Processor 275, 2.2GHz, 2GB RAM, WinXP Pro SP2
Graphics Tablet - USB Wacom Intuos 3 (9x12)

His animations have gained so much notoriety that the score for his most recent animation, "Waterlollies", was composed by Nathan McCree, a famous composer that created the music for the popular Tomb Raider games.

Phillips has received nine festival awards in flash animation over the past five years, such as "Flash Forward" and "The Greatest Story Never Told". He is also in the top four top artists on the popular web portal "Newgrounds".

Phillips' main series is collectively called "Brackenwood," which he hopes to create a full-length feature film for. He has also done several other animations on the side.

Animations Produced:

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