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Aleksandr Petrov
7/17/1957 -

Aleksandr Petrov is an award-winning artist most known for his gorgeous hand- painted animations. HIs work process is incredibly unique, involving oil paintings on sheets of glass four times the size of a standard animation cel. Born in the village of Prechistoye, Russia, Petrov studied at VGIK, the state institute of Cinema and TV in Russia. He worked under Yuriy Norshteyn as his disciple in Moscow before travelling to Canada to work on his first (and most well-known) animation as lead art director, "The Old Man and the Sea". In production for just over two years ( March 1997 through April 1999) and consisting of over 29,000 seperate paintings, "The Old Man and the Sea" received an academy award, as well as several other awards at film festivals across the globe.

Upon completing "Old Man and the Sea", Petrov returned to Russia to work on his latest film, "My Love", which was completed after 3 years in 2006. "My Love" became Studio Ghibli's first release under the "Ghibli Museum Library" series, known as a collection of top-tier western animations.

His style is classified as Romantic Realism, but ever animation he has done has played upon his characters' dreams or thoughts, not something generally done with the Realism painting style.

Petrov also participated in Winter Days (Fuyu No Hi) in 2003, which is a tribute to Basho Matsuo, a legendary poet from Japan. The collaborative piece consisted of work from 36 different animators from all over the world.

Animations Produced:
  • The Cow, 1989
  • The Dream of a Ridiculous Man, 1992
  • Mermaid, 1997
  • The Old Man and the Sea, 1999
  • My Love, 2006
Old Man and the Sea Pt. 1 (YouTube)
Old Man and the Sea Pt. 2 (YouTube)
Studio Ghibli's Haru no Mazame (My Love) Trailer for the Ghibli Museum. Japanese Language.

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