Animator Biographies
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Daniel Greaves
October 1st 1959 -
United Kingdom (London, England)

Daniel Greaves was born in Woburn, Buckinghamshire, England. From 1977 to 1980 he studied animation at the West Surrey College of Art. After graduation, Daniel worked as a freelancer in London until 1986 when he founded Tandem Films (in London, England) with Nigel Pay. At Tandem Films, he has worked on many independent and commercial animations including those listed below. Tandem now includes many internationally-recognized animators, designers, directors, and others that work in all types of animation media.

Animations Produced (commercial animations not included):

  • Manipulation, 1991
  • Flatworld, 1997
  • Rockin' and Rollin', 2001
  • Little Things, 2004
  • Rabbit Rabbit, 1996
  • Beginning, Middle, and End , 2004

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