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Paul Driessen

Paul Driessen was born in Holland and after attending the Art Academy in Utrecht, he animated commercials for television there in Holland. After the company he worked for shut down, he was discovered by National Film Board member George Dunning, who took him on to animate for the Beatles movie Yellow Submarine in 1967.

Driessen then joined the NFB and moved to Montreal in the early 70s. From there, he joined the French department, which relied more on telling stories using strong visuals and not so much through using dialogue. This lack of dialogue shows up in a lot of Driessen's work.

Driessen has won 18 awards for his animations and his short animation 3 Misses was nominated for an Oscar in 1998. His animation The Boy Who Saw the Iceberg (2000) was nominated for 9 awards and won 6, and the 16-minute The End of the World in Four Seasons (1995) had 5 nominations and 4 wins. Both of these feature the simultaneous display of more than one story at a time, another signature Driessen characteristic.

Animations Produced:

  • The Story of Little John Bailey, 1970
  • Le Bleu perdu, 1972
  • Air!, 1972
  • Au bout du fil (Cat's Cradle), 1974
  • An Old Box (Une vieille boîte), 1975
  • David, 1977
  • The Killing of an Egg, 1977
  • Ter land, ter zee en in de lucht (On Land, at Sea and in the Air) , 1980
  • Het Treinhuisje (Home on the Rails), 1981
  • Une histoire comme une autre (The Same Old Story), 1981
  • La Belle et la boîte (Oh What a Knight) , 1982
  • Tip Top, 1984
  • Het scheppen van een koe (Spotting a Cow), 1984
  • Elephantrio, 1985
  • Spiegel eiland (Sunny Side Up), 1985
  • The Train Gang, 1986
  • Getting There, 1986
  • De Schrijver en de Dood (The Writer), 1988
  • The Water People, 1992
  • The End of the World in Four Seasons (La fin du monde en quatre saisons), 1995
  • 3 Misses, 1998
  • The Boy Who Saw the Iceberg (Le garçon qui a vu l'iceberg), 2000
  • 2D or not 2D, 2003
  • Oh What a Nico, 2004


Submitted by: David Tarant
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