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Animation Timeline (1960-1969)
Includes Animation Experiments, Studio and Independent Work, and Cultural Events
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1960 - 1969 The Restless 60s


Short and Suite Short and Suite, Norman McLaren, National Film Board of Canada

The Soccer Game, USA, Lawrence Jordan
A game of 9-pins played among the stars.

  • The Soccer Game - Canyon Cinema
  • Nowy Janko Muzykant (new Janko the Musician), Jan Lenica, Poland


    John F. Kennedy's inauguration as president of the U.S. (Jan. 20)

    Pinscreen tests, France, Alexandre Alexeieff and Claire Parker
    A series of 6 short films with a group of animators at the National Film Board of Canada.

    One hundred and One Dalmatians, Walt Disney Studios, USA, January 25, (1hr 19 min), Photocopying technology made it possible for animators to bring 101 spotted canines to the big screens.
  • IMDB Movie Info
  • 1962

    Lines Horizontal Lines Horizontal, Norman McLaren, National Film Board of Canada
  • Daily Motion Web Site
  • Labirynt (Labyrinth), Jan Lenica, Poland, (14min)
    A self-consciously Kafka-esque tale of a winged lonely man literally devoured by totalitarian rule. Considered to be one of the finest political animations ever made.

  • Google Translation of German Page
  • Oczekiwanie (Expectation), Witold Giersz, (9 min) The hands of a man rest on a glass area of the kaffeehaustisches. They form shapes out of napkins, which become alive and in their behavior the thoughts of the man, who expects a woman, to express.

  • Plus Camera Image Retrospect
  • 1963

    Le Nez Le Nez (The Nose), France, Alexandre Alexeieff and Claire Parker

    Martin Luther King delivers "I have a dream" speech (Aug. 28).

    US President Kennedy shot and killed by sniper in Dallas, Texas and Lyndon B. Johnson becomes president. (Nov. 22)

    The Sword in the Stone, Walt Disney Studios, USA, (79 min)
    Adapted from T.H White's book about a young Kind Arthur's adventures with Merlin before becoming King of England.

  • IMDb Web Site
  • Die Nashorner (The Rhinoceros), Jan Lenica A wordless condensation of Ionesco's play of the same name.

    Fotel (A Chair), Daniel Szczechura, (6 min)


    Ein Traum Der Liebenden, USA, Lawrence Jordan Monk meanders through a maze of Minoan bull dancers, satyrs and revelatory rainbows.

  • Canyon Cinema Website
  • Duo Concertantes, USA, Lawrence Jordan Steel engravings form a surrealistic dream world.

  • Canyon Cinema Website
  • Mary Poppins, Walt Disney Studios, USA, (140 min) The live action animation blend based on the popular book series by P.L. Travers.

  • IMDb Web Site
  • 1965

    Malcolm X, the black-nationalist leader was shot to death at a Harlem rally in New York City. (Feb. 21)

    The Vietnam War Begins (1965-1975)

    Kimba the White Lion (aka. Jungle Emporer [Janguru taitei] in Japan), created by Osamu Tezuka, becomes the first animated color TV series broadcast in Japan.

  • Kimba the White Lion IMDB Site
  • Kimba the White Lion Wikipedia
  • Ruke (The Hand), Jiri Trnka, Poland
    The Hand is a merciless political allegory, which strictly follows story outline without developing lyrical details.

  • A Festival of Visual Effects
  • 1966

    Mr. Rossi Buys a Car, by Bruno Bozzetto

  • Bozetto's Website
  • Czar Kolek (The Charm of the Two Wheels), Kazimierz Urbanski, (7 min)

    Wszystko Jest Liczb_ (Everything Is a Number), Stefan Schabenbeck, (8 min)


    Thurgood Marshall sworn in as the first black US Supreme Court Justice (October 2nd)

    Spider-ManTV series debuts. Spider-Man becomes the first animated adaptation of the comic book (September 19th).

  • IMDB Site
  • The Jungle Book, Walt Disney Studios, USA
    The last film Walt Disney worked on before his death.

    Kon (The Horse), Witold Giersz, (6 min)
    A wild horse extracts itself from all catch attempts.

  • Video of The Horse - kon
  • 1968

    Martin Luther King, Jr. was killed in Memphis, TN on April 4th.

    The Beatles' movie Yellow Submarine is released. (November 13th)

  • Yellow Submarine IMDB Site
  • Adam 2, Jan Lenica
    Lenica labored single-handedly on this remarkably ambitious feature-length animation.


    Apollo 11 astronauts, including Neil Armstrong, take man's first walk on the moon.
    (July 20)

    The show Sesame Street debuts.

    Internet (ARPA) goes online.

    Woodstock is held August 15-17th in Bethel, NY.

    Scooby-Doo, Where are You! debuts on September 13th as the first incarnation of the Hanna- Barbera classic.

  • IMDB Site
  • Bambi Meets Godzilla by Marv Newland. In 1994, this was voted #38 of the 50 greatest cartoons of all-time. It is considered a cult classic by many.

  • IMDB Site
  • Youtube
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