Assignments - Spring 2008 - ARTC 400 - Bowling Green State University
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Turning in files
• Projects are due in the Homework folder prior to the beginning of class.
• Revised project files are due the following class period after the critique due date or the following Monday if the assignment was due on Monday. Assignments turned in after the revised assignment deadline will receive a zero.
• When turning in assignments, use the following naming convention: username_project1, username_exercise1, etc.
Projects: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]    Final Assignment [1]
Projects Description Dates
Project 1 Blog Set up and Metamorphosis Animation

Exercise 1 - Blog:
Due Monday January 14 at start of class:

Create a blog on if you do not have one and send your blog URL to by Monday, Jan. 14th

Make your first entry on the blog: Post the 2 pictures that you will be using to create Project 1. Post any thoughts you have in regards to how you will approach the assignment.

Project 1 - Collaborative Metamorphosis - Part 1:
Due Wednesday, January 9 at start of class:

To do:
Draw a simple (but creative) image of the chosen subject matter that you were assigned on a 4" x 6" blank note card. No shading or color please. Using a light table, trace the image to make an exact copy of it. On Wednesday, give your extra card to the person before you on the list on the class website.

Project 1 - Collaborative Metamorphosis - Part 2:
Due Monday, January 28 at start of class:

Materials Required:

1 package of 4 x 6 plain index cards (100)
1 Micon 08 #1 Archival Ink Pen (0.50 mm line width)

Create a 2-3 second (30 to 45 cards at 15 fps) metamorphosis animation starting with your own drawing and ending at the drawing on the card that was given to you.

Your image should gradually change into the other person's image but it must do something before it changes into the other image. For instance, if it is a creature, the creature could take a few steps then change to the other image.

Think about creative ways of changing from one object into the other: For instance, you could turn the head inside out by opening the mouth real wide, or you could have one part of the object start to morph into the other object while the rest of the object is shocked and tries to avoid changing and finally it is overcome and transforms.

You need to turn in a Quicktime animation in the format specified in the class notes (TBA)

This will require:
  • Using pencil and a light table to draw the cards
  • Scanning in the cards
  • Bringing them into After Effects and doing a pencil test
  • Drawing more cards to correct timing issues until it is perfect
  • Inking in your cards using waterbased thin markers
  • Rescanning the cards and putting them together in After Effects
    (you can ink all your cards before you do a pencil test but you might do work for nothing if you need to throw away cards because the animation is too slow)
  • Make a Quicktime Movie
  • Due Wed. Jan. 9:
    Card Exchange

    Due Mon. Jan 14:
    Email Blog URL

    Due Mon. Jan. 28:
    Metamorphosis Animation
    Project 2 History of Animation

    Research and Presentation:
    Due: Jan 30 - Feb 11

    You will be randomly ( assigned a date for your presentation - check the schedule page.

    Research one independent animator and do a 15 minute presentation with visuals to the class

  • The animator you choose must have done at least 3 significant independent works
  • You need to have references to where you found the material
  • You must have visual material at your presentation (videos, DVDs, YouTube, website, etc.)
  • You will email me a short abstract, a list of animations with dates and your reference

    Animation Timeline:
    Due Jan 16

    To do:
    Add 8 more entries to one of the timeline date catagories in the Animation Timeline.

    You need to find basic information, URLs and pictures to add to the website.

    You will send me via email the information via a txt or Word file and I can add it to the website.
  • Due Jan 30-Feb 11:

    Due Wed. Jan 16:
    Animation History Timeline

    Project 3 16 Ways to Save Our Environment

    READING Assignment: Read the Handout on Global Warming and make a list of 10 critical issues we need to be concerned about. Also make a list of 10 things you think we can do to help fix the problem. DO NOT just copy directly from the reading. Read the entire reading assignment. On your Blog, comment about what you think about the reading and the DVD Inconvenient Truth and also add the 2 lists of 10 items each.

    Due: Monday, Feb 4

    Pixelation Animation

    Due: Feb 11

    Create a stop motion animation using human(s) as the object you will be animating. You can use the whole body or parts of the body such as the hands or feet. Use the Pixelation technique developed by Norman McLaren. Try to utilize the unique and creative things you can do with Pixelation rather than just producing a choppy video.

    The theme is to use HUMOR to bring awareness to serious issues and to try to motivate people to change.

    As an animator, you may have to create commercials for TV. A Public Service Announcement (PSA) is a common assignment for an animator. You need to be able to understand the psychology of human behavior and thought in order to affect someone's belief system or actions.

    Brainstorm with the class what makes something funny. Why do we laugh and what do we laugh at?

    Brainstorm how advertizers convice the general public to take action. What strategies do they use?

    Research the issue of Global Warming. What are the problems and what are some of the solutions. Select a problem and solution and create an animation that makes the viewer want to do something to fix the problem.

    Requirements of the assignment:

  • The animation should make the viewer laugh and also think about the problem and solution.
  • The animation should be no longer than 30 seconds (shorter is great)
  • You need to use the Pixelation texchnique
  • You can work in teams but each student must have one animation to turn in
  • Save as Quicktime format 720 x 480 with Animation High compression
  • Select a single word that describes or sets to tone for your animation

    Web resources on humor
    How to be Funny
    Understanding Humor

  • Due Feb 4:
    Blog entry on reading

    Due Feb 11:
    Quicktime Movie 720 x 480
    Project 4 Character Development using 3D Forms / Final Project Ideas

    Blog Assignment:
    On your blog make an entry that talks about what you might be interested in doing for your final animation assignment.

    Include: Concept, Style and Technique

    Due: Monday, Feb 18

    Character Development
    Make 6 sketches of characters using 3d forms such as cubes, ovals, spheres, etc. The sketches can be rough but creative. Each character should be an archetype or strong personality type character such as (but not restricted to:)
    Evil Genius
    Motherly and nurturing
    Innocent and naive
    Not too bright - dim witted
    Wicked and cruel
    Strong willed
    Smart person (librarian, geek, etc)
    Crazy person
    Due: Monday, Feb 18

    Final Stop Motion Animation
    Revise, reshoot, and redo the stop motion pixelation assignment.

    Due: Monday, Feb 18

    Due Feb 18:
    Blog entry

    Due Feb 18:
    Final Stop Motion

    Due Feb 18:
    6 Drawings in Homework Folder
    Project 5 Characters in Motion

    Draw Characters in Poses:
    Draw one character using cubes, cylinders, and other basic shapes. Then draw that same character in various key poses of an action. There should be 4-6 drawings in all and the action that the character is doing should be very clear through the drawings. The action should not be subtle (use golfing, dancing, jumping, a cartwheel, etc.

    Due: Monday, Feb 25
    Due Feb 25:
    4- 6 Drawings in Motion

    Project 6 Final Project

    Final Project
    Create an animation using any technique you choose. You must have the available resources and knowledge to create your animation using this technique. The animation should be CREATIVE whether it is a narrative, non-narrative or experimental animation. The piece should be a finished piece so do not take on more than you have the time to complete. You should do tests before diving in to a new technique so you know all the obstacles you will encounter. The final piece will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Idea and Creativity
  • Artistic Components (color, composition, ...) and Technical (no jaggies, ...)
  • Motion and Timing (good use of animation principles)
  • Criteria:
  • You must create a finished creative animation.
  • The work must be based on a defined concept.
  • It can be narrative or non-narrative
  • It can be experimental or traditional

    Due: April 28 at 6:00 (Bring DVD)

    Progress Calendar
    Complete the final project schedule. Pace yourself and allow for post production (sound, revisions, compositing, mastering DVDs, etc). Post the schedule on your blog and Print one out to hand in for a grade.

    Get the Calendar Template here: Calendar Template File

    Due: Monday, Mar 17

    Weekly Progress
    Each week you will be required to show visual progress of your project. Your progress will be compared to the calendar you submitted and you will be graded according to the amount accomplished and the quality of the work you have accomplished. An A means that you are making excellent progress, you are ahead of schedule or the quality of what you are producing is superb. A C means you are making satisfactory progress and the work is OK. Anything less than that means you need to work faster and/or improve the quality.

    Due: Each week you will need to show progress for a grade.

    Midway Presentation (Show and Tell)
    On the week of March 31 - April 2, each person will show visual progress of their projects to the whole class. You are required to have your files in Quicktime and play parts of the animation for the class. A presentation of only ideas (no visuals), will result in an F.

    Presentation Order:

    13 Jennifer
    14 Max
    10 Brittany
    15 Ashlea
    01 Greg
    08 Andi
    07 Paul
    06 David
    02 Anne
    03 Brian
    11 Karly
    16 Jon
    05 Liz
    09 Rick
    12 Glenn
    04 Melissa
    Due: Mar 31 - Apr 2, Presentation of In-Progress Final

    Artist Statement and Blog Posting
    Post your visual progress on your blog. You should write comments to help the class understand your idea and your progress.

    Create a one page artist statement for your final animation and also post it on your blog. Include the following:
  • Concept and idea or inspiration behind the piece
  • Description of techniques
  • Software and hardware used
  • Artist Statement First Draft and Visual Progress with Comment Due on Blog: April 2

    Final Artist Statement Due: April 28 on Class Harrdive

    Blog Critique
    Write comments on the three blogs you have been assigned. You should be very thorough and give the student feedback that will help them improve their animation.

    Due - Comments Three Blogs: April 9

    Update Web Portfolio
    Create a web-ready version of your final animation and make a link for it on your digitalarts web portfolio. Upload it and link it up.

    Due Web Portfolio updated: April 30, 5pm

    Final Turn-in
    You need to turn in the following items:
  • Playable DVD with Animation and with DVD label designed
  • Animation Files (QT Animation Compression) on Class Harddrive for Grading
  • Artist Statement - Text File with your animation on the Harddrive
  • Updated Web Portfolio with the Final Animation (Morph and Stop Motion Animations Optional) - due Apr 30 at 5pm
  • Due: April 28 at 6:00

  • Due: Mon. Mar 17
    Progress Calendar

    Due: Mon-Wed Mar 31-Apr 2
    Show and Tell

    Due: Apr 2
    First Draft Artist Statement on Blog

    Due: Apr 2
    Visual Progress with comments on Blog

    Due: Apr 7
    Comments on Three Blog

    Due: Apr 28
    Final Artist Statement

    Due: Apr 28
    Final Animation DVD with label

    Due: Apr 28
    Animation Compressed QT on Harddrive

    Due: Apr 30
    Update Web Portfolio with Final Animation