Class Schedule - Spring 2008 - ARTC 312 - Bowling Green State University
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January Tentative Schedule Assigned: What is due
7 Mon Introduction: syllabus, prefs, the timeline, interface and keyframes AnimOptics & Blog  
9 Wed Keyframes, animating attributes, frame rates, Graph editor, tangents, playblast
Sound, Audition
14 Mon Audio, Projects, Hierarchy, Principles Exercise 1: Synchonize AV Due: Blog URL and 1st entry
16 Wed Rendering, After Effects, adding video to Audition Exercise 1 cont.: Synchonize AV
21 Mon No School - Martin Luther King Day    
23 Wed Critique Revised Animation Due: AnimOptical Animation
28 Mon Timing and spacing, graph editor cont., F-curves Exercise 2 - Heavy Bounce
Proj. 2 - Obstacle Course
Due: Revised AnimOptical Animation
30 Wed action/reaction, ghosting Exercise 3 - Light Bounce
4 Mon Ball animation
6 Wed Path Animation
11 Mon
13 Wed Obstacle Course Critique   Due: Obstacle Course
18 Mon Forward K and Point Constraint Locomotion animation assigned Due: Obstacle Course revised
20 Wed Workday    
25 Mon   Due: Models for Locomotion
27 Wed Due: Animation Plan and Sketches for Locomotion on Blog
3 Mon Spring Break  
5 Wed Spring Break  
10 Mon  
12 Wed    
17 Mon   Due:
Draft Locomotion Animation
19 Wed    
24 Mon Due:
Final Locomotion Animation
26 Wed   Due:
5 Goals, Obstacles, and Resolutions on Blog
31 Mon   Due: Storyboard - Draft 1
Due: Story proposal on Blog
Due: Changes to Sack
2 Wed   Due: 3 Comments on Blog
7 Mon   Due: Final Storyboard and Animatic
Due: Environment modeled
Due: Fully rigged and textured sack
9 Wed    
14 Mon   Due: Animated 15 seconds
16 Wed    
21 Mon   Due: In-progress Animation with Audio and Credits
23 Wed Final Critique   Due: Final Animation
28 Mon Individual Meetings (by appointment)   Due by noon: Final DVD