Useful Resources
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3D Animation:
  • *recommended: Autodesk Maya Press, Learning Autodesk Maya 2008; the Modeling & Animation Handbook
  • *recommended: Autodesk Maya Press, Learning Autodesk Maya 2008; Foundation

  • Developing Digital Short Films by Sherri Sheridan
  • Character Animation: 2D Skills for Better 3D, Second Edition by Steve Roberts

    Traditional Animation Books:
  • The Animator Survival Kit, Williams, Richard and Sutton, Imogen
  • Cartoon Animation (The Collector's Series) by Preston Blair
  • The Illusion of Life: Disney Animation by Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas
  • Understanding Animation by Paul Wells
  • Cracking Animation by Peter Lord and Brian Sibley
  • Dream Worlds: Production Design for Animation by Hans Bacher
  • Art in Motion: Animation Aesthetics by Maureen Furniss
  • Secrets of Oscar-winning Animation: Behind the scenes of 13 classic short animations by Olivier Cotte
  • Animation Now! (Taschen 25th Anniversary) by Julius Wiedemann

    Animation Principles:
  • Timing for Animation by Harold Whitaker and John Halas
  • Acting in Animation: A Look at 12 Films by Ed Hooks
  • Acting for Animators, Revised Edition: A Complete Guide to Performance Animation by Ed Hooks
  • Fundamentals of Animation by Paul Wells
  • Force: Dynamic Life Drawing for Animators, Second Edition by Mike Mattesi

    Storytelling/Script Writing:
  • Animation: From Script to Screen by Shamus Culhane
  • The Human Figure in Motion by Eadweard Muybridge
  • Animals in Motion by Eadweard Muybridge
  • How to Write for Animation by Jeffrey Scott
  • Storytelling through Animation (Graphics) by Mike Wellins
  • Basics Animation: Scriptwriting (Basics Animation) by Paul Wells
  • Storytelling through Animation (Graphics) by Mike Wellins
  • Animation Writing and Development, : From Script Development to Pitch by Jean Ann Wright
  • Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell

  • Don Bluth's Art Of Storyboard by Don Bluth and Gary Goldman
  • Prepare to Board! Creating Story and Characters for Animation Features and Shorts by Nancy Beiman
  • Storyboards: Motion in Art, Second Edition by Mark Simon
  • Storyboarding 101: A Crash Course in Professional Storyboarding by James Fraioli
  • Exploring Storyboarding by Wendy Tumminello
  • The Art of the Storyboard: Storyboarding for Film, TV, and Animation by John Hart
  • Prepare to Board! Creating Story and Characters for Animation Features and Shorts by Nancy Beiman

    Facial Animation:
  • Facial Expressions: A Visual Reference for Artists by Mark Simon
  • Stop Staring: Facial Modeling and Animation Done Right by Jason Osipa

  • Links to Useful Web Resources

    Maya References:

    Tutorialized - Maya
    Highend 3D
    Gnomon Workshop
    Shaun Freeman's Animation Tips

    Animation Principles:

    Animation Arena
    Frank and Ollie's Animation Tips
    Principles of Animation

    Examples of Animation Exercises

    Abstract Animations
  • Configurator 1.0
  • Brain Cleaner
  • Calculated Movements
  • Computer 69
  • Garden

    Ball Bounce Animation (realistic)
  • Ball Animation
  • Ball Bounce Exercise
  • 104 Ball Bounce
  • Bouncing Balls Animation
  • Obstacle Course Ball Bounce 1
  • Obstacle Course Ball Bounce 2
  • Pinball Orchestra
  • Ball Animation (Rube Goldberg-like)
  • Rube Goldberg competition (real-life)

    Ball Bounce Animation (personified)
  • Philip Kim's Ball Bounce
  • Yezi Zue's Ball Bounce
  • Bouncing Balls Again
  • Ball Bounce CA

  • Online Animations

    Websites with Good Animations:
  • Kiwi - BGSU Alumni
  • Inner Life of a Cell - scientific visualization
  • Locomotion - old CG animations
  • Alien Song - lip synch
  • For the Birds
  • The Chub Chubs
  • Fallen Art
  • The Cathedral

  • Great Animations

    Some Great Animations:
  • Luxo Jr. - Pixar
  • Gas Planet - PDA
  • Calculated Movements - Larry Cuba
  • Shadow Puppets
  • Arabesque - John Whitney
  • The Chub Chubs - Sony Imageworks

  • Storyborad Resources

  • Storyboards

  • Free Audio

    Sound Effects
    (Make sure you download copyright/royalty-free audio ONLY)

    To download audio using IE: Find Audio file you want and hold down the Right mouse button over the link and Save Target As...

    Pay for sounds: