Course notes
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Lecture 1: Intro to Animating with Maya Lecture 9: Character Set and Trax Editor
Lecture 2: Keyframing, Graph Editor, Playblast Lecture 10: Rigging a Sack
Lecture 3: Digital Audio Lecture 11: Inverse Kinematics on a Sack
Lecture 4: Audio, Projects, Hierarchy, Principles Lecture 12: Camera Moves and Positions
Lecture 5: Rendering, After Effects Lecture 13: Understanding Single Chain and Rotate IK
Lecture 6: Ball Bounce Lecture 14: Binding the Skin of the Sack
Lecture 7: Path Animation Lecture 15: Principles of Animation
Lecture 8: Forward K and Constraints Lecture 16: Making a Playable DVD
 Lecture 16: Making a Playable DVD
Preparing the files
Your DVD should include:

  • AnimOptic abstract animation
  • Obstacle Course ball bounce animation
  • Locomotion animation
  • Sack animation

    Make Movie in After Effects using the following format

    No need to change the default format parameters in the MPEG Format Options window

    It will create 4 files per animation: .m2v .wav .xmp .xmpses (the last 2 are for chapter info for Encore)
    You will only use the .wav and .m2v files
  • Making the DVD
    In Adobe Encore:

    File - New Project
    Select NTSC

    File Import as Asset
    Import both the video and audio file
    Save As (saves the project)

    Click the Library Tab in the bottom right palette (if its not there, Window menu - Library
    Click each icon to see the different elements that are available to use
  • Menus
  • Buttons
  • Images
  • Backgrounds
  • Layer sets
  • Text items
  • Shapes

  • To use a default menu template:

    Click the Menu icon and choose a set
    Look at all the templates to get one that would work for you (you probably need a Submenu-type template)
    DO NOT select a WIDE template

    Double click the template you want

    The Tool Palette lets you select the buttons, parts of the buttons, and edit the Text (depending on what tool you pick)

    Delete button if you need to by clicking them and hitting the Backspace (Delete) key on your keyboard
    Duplicate the buttons (Edit- Duplicate) till you end up with the number of buttons you need.

    Use the Text Tool to rename the buttons and captions

    Select a button and use Edit-Rename to change the name of the button in the program
          Open the Layers Tab to see the new names

    Drag a video from the Projects window to the middle of the button and drop it off.

    If you miss, it will make a new default button with the video attached.

    With the button selected, look in the Properties Palette and you will see the parameter Link has a link to the video

    Click the Timeline Tab in the Project window and doubleclick a video to see it play
    Drag the audio file (.wav) from the Project Window to the Audio Layer under the video in the Timeline window

    If you used a submenu template, you will not need the Main Menu button, Delete it
    By default, when your video finishes playing it goes back to the Main Menu
    You can change that if you need to (no need to here)

    Test the DVD:

    Click the little icon with the grey circle and arrow in the Tool Palette.
    Close the Preview Window when done

    Save the Project: File - Save

    To Burn the DVD

    Click the Disk tab in Project Window and Name the DVD

    Insert a Blank DVD

    Click Build Project
    Save and Continue
    If it says you have problems, View it and click Start
    Remove the bad items or fix the problems

    In the Make DVD Disk dialog box, Use Current Project
    Make sure the correct DVD recorder says: F:PHILIPS DVD+-RW
    To Make a Custom Template
    Method 1:
    Take the photoshop template provided in the homework folder
    In Photoshop:
    Change the images and text on all the existing layers

    WARNING: DO NOT change the names or the order of the layers because it will not work in Encore if you do.

    In Encore:
    File - Import as Menu

    Method 2:
    Go to the Library Tab and click the Menu icon
    In the General set, select 4x3 Blank Menu.psd
    Add items such as Button, images, background, and text from the icon subset

    Method 3:
    Library Tab - menu icon
    Select a template that is close to what you want (doubleclick it)
    Look at the Layers tab to see the psd layers
    File - Import as Asset to get a new image you want to add to the layers
    Select the Layers Palette and drag it to the Menu window
    Object Menu - Arrange (the top menu choices of the application) to reorder the item
    Replace the text using the Text Tool and add new text
    Edit the text using the Window - Character menu choice (at top)
    Change the style by selecting the object and then the Styles tab
    Select a new style and hit the Apply icon (the little arrow)

    If you want a new image the size of the DVD menu you need to:
    In Photoshop
    File - New
    Select Preset: Film & Video NTSC DV
    Don't worry about the Warning that comes up
    Make an image then Save As a photoshop file.