Course notes
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Lecture 1: Intro to Animating with Maya Lecture 9: Character Set and Trax Editor
Lecture 2: Keyframing, Graph Editor, Playblast Lecture 10: Rigging a Sack
Lecture 3: Digital Audio Lecture 11: Inverse Kinematics on a Sack
Lecture 4: Audio, Projects, Hierarchy, Principles Lecture 12: Camera Moves and Positions
Lecture 5: Rendering, After Effects Lecture 13: Understanding Single Chain and Rotate IK
Lecture 6: Ball Bounce Lecture 14: Binding the Skin of the Sack
Lecture 7: Path Animation Lecture 15: Principles of Animation
Lecture 8: Forward K and Constraints Lecture 16: Making a Playable DVD
 Lecture 12: Camera Positions and Moves
Camera Shots - the Basics
Horizontal rotation of the camera left or right arond its pivot point

Vertical pivoting of the camera going up and down

Actual movement of the camera along a track towards an object

Actual movement of a camera along a track horizontally right and left

Changing the lens adjustment of the camera to get a closeup

Mechanical - Crane
An unnatural view obtained by using a mechanical arm that the camera is on

Camera Transitions - the Basics
  • Cut
  • Fade to Black or White or other color
  • Cross Dissolve
  • Wipe
  • Morphing
  • Effects Transitions

  • Framing the shot
    Establishing Shot Long Shot
    Medium Shot Medium Close-up
    Close-up Extreme Close-up