Projects - Fall 2006 - ARTC 441 - Bowling Green State University
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Weekly meetings
• 2 weeks of discussion and planning then visual progress the rest of the semester
• Each meeting last approximately 25 minutes
• Have files ready to show before your meeting time begins
• You must meet with your group on Tuesday each week and also at least one other time outside of class
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Group 1 (Demoreel):
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Group 2 (SIG Website):
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Group 3 (Hebrew Sch.):
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Group 4 (DA CD-ROM):
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Group 5 (School Video):
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Assignments Description
Project 1 Digital Arts Demoreel
The Digital Arts division needs a new Demo Reel. This project involves creating a short introductory animation and selecting and editing together pieces of animations from the past year. This project will also need a sound track.

  • Develop an introduction to the demoreel this can be in 3D or any other creative method.
  • Create segments that go between sections (optional)
  • Put together a compilation of segments of animations
  • Help select 3 or 4 longer pieces for the end of the demoreel
  • Create intro credits and end credits
  • Create music and narration if necessary
Project 2 SIGGRAPH 2007 Art Gallery Website
We need a WWW site designed for the SIGGRAPH 2007 Art Gallery. The site will include images, animations and information about the show. This can have a Flash or HTML interface. This project involves designing a very creative interface, adding art to the pages, entering information, and organizing the information.

  • Design a look and feel for the site in Photoshop
  • Work with the chair of the SIGGRAPH gallery
  • Resize the SIGGRAPH artwork to make thumbnails and large images
  • Add artist statements to the pages
  • Convert the animations to web-ready videos
Project 3 Hebrew Academy School Website
The Hebrew Academy needs a school website. They have gathered all the materials and the project involves designing the interface, taking pictures of the kids and classrooms, adding text contents, and programming the site.

  • Create design of the interface
  • Create rollovers for buttons
  • Add contents to the site
  • Visit the school and take photographs
Project 4 Digital Arts Demo CD-ROM
We need to produce a CD-ROM that showcases student work, the facilities, interviews with students, and any other fun stuff that will help promote the department. You can use video, QTVR, audio, images, text, and make it very interactive. It should target prospective grad students, undergrad students, companies that may want to hire our students or give us grants or equipment and others that just want to know what we are doing in the department.

  • Can be created in Flash or Director
  • Should contain the categories: Imaging, 3D Modeling, 3D Animation, Interactive Media, Virtual Environments, Installation Art, Video Art
  • Add a section for graduate student work
  • Can add a gallery of images
  • Add basic information about the department and faculty
  • Must be easy to get to the large images and click from one large image to the next
Project 5 School of Art Promotional Video
The School of Art needs a promotional videotape that showcases the facilities and students at work. The tape will be sent to other schools, shown at national portfolio days and conferences. This project will involve shooting footage, editing and mastering tapes. It may involve the design of a logo at the start and titles. We have quite a bit of source footage that can be used as a starting point. This project will also need a soundtrack, narration and a modified script.


  • Take video of the various areas in the School of Art
  • Import and edit the video in Final Cut Pro
  • Help work on a script
  • Record narration and create music for the piece
  • Create a DVD