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Flash Exercise 1 3D Flash - Maya to SWF
This exercise uses Maya to to generate the graphics and the Vector Renderer to output the graphics. It also teaches basic dot syntax, external include files and assigning events to functions.

Flash Exercise 1 Notes

Flash Exercise 2 Flash Drawing API
This exercise uses the Drawing features in ActionScript to create images on the screen. You will learn how to use the lineTo, curveTo, moveTo, clear, lineStyle, beginFill, endFill, Math.random, Math.floor, and loops.

Flash Exercise 2 Notes

Flash Exercise 3 Creating a Drawing Program
You will be creating an artistic drawing program using ActionScripting. You will be creating an environment where the user can select parameters that will change the outcome of their drawing. You will learn how to use the If blocks, gradient fills, Math.PI, matix objects, Arrays, and comments.

Flash Exercise 3 Notes

Flash Exercise 4 ActionSCripting MovieClips
In this assignment you will be learning to access and control movieClips in Flash. You will be able to create movieclips using various ActionScript methods and also how to make a movieClip dragable. You will also be able to detect where a movieClip has moved to (the hitTest). These are fundamental techniques used in game development and interactive art.

Flash Exercise 4 Notes

Flash Exercise 5 Interface Elements
You will learn basic scripting to create interface elements in Flash ActionScripting. The exercise also explores Events and methods to deal with them. The exercise includes scripting for: sliders, toggle buttons, radio buttons, custom cursors, and scrolling graphics.

Flash Exercise 5 Notes

Flash Exercise 6 Nucleus Complete
We will focus on a few items that will help you refine the attachment of elements to the Nucleus site.

Flash Exercise 6 Notes

Test site
Physical Computing (Teleo Board)

Interactive Installation
This assignment will allow you to experiment with alternative input and output devices.

Flash Teleo Notes

Flash Teleo Sample File
(must run on the Teleo system after it has been turned on)