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ARTC 400 Collaborative Multimedia Development

Showcase of Web-based projects

Project 1: Digital Art Demo Reel of 3D animations (2)

Project 2: Video Promo for the SIGGRAPH Art Show (2)

Project 3: Video Promo for the SIGGRAPH Emerging Technology Show (2)

Project 4: 2004 SIGGRAPH Art Show WWW Site (2-3)

Project 5: WWW site for the African American Women Architects (2)

Project 6: Center for New and Emerging Technology web site (2)

Project 7: Web Site for the ArCADE art shows (2)

Project 8: Website for the 8th Annual Conference on Holidays, Ritual, Festival, Celebration, and Public Display (2)

Project 9: CD-ROM for the Digital Arts Program (2)

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