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Art Sites

This course will focus on web-based interactive multimedia. Throughout the semester, we will be creating interactive multimedia art projects by focusing on integration of interaction and non-linear structure in an art environment. Interactive multimedia is changing the way our culture navigates through and interprets visual as well as text based information. Artists, as creators of visual information, now have many more possibilities available for structuring and presenting visual information and experiences. Hypermedia has opened the doors to the possibility of individualized artistic experiences for the viewer. In this regard, the viewer becomes an integral part of the art experience. Both multimedia and hypermedia invite collaboration among artists because of the interactive nature of the work.

Since both multimedia and hypermedia involve the merging of media, we will be exploring a number of different computer graphics media including: bitmapped graphics, object based graphics, animation, digital video, digital audio, programming, and more. Throughout the course, we will be focusing on artistic and creative use of multimedia, therefore we will be conducting critiques and discussing the artistic aspect of the work. The programs we are using are available on both the Mac and PC so you may use either platform outside of class but during class we will be using the PCs. You are responsible for having your work on your account during class regardless of where you do your homework. Class lectures will include demonstrations, discussions, CD presentations, technical exploration, aesthetic inquiry, and historical information relevant to computer multimedia, hypermedia and telecommunications. Students are encouraged to pursue areas of interest and explore new ideas throughout the course.