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Assignment 1 - Crit of Web Sites Check Out Results       
Assignment 2 - Portfolio Hierarchy Chart Check Out Results       
Assignment 3 - Contact Sheet of Artwork Check Out Results       
Assignment 3.5 - Design of Website in Photoshop Check Out Results       
Assignment 4 - Web Portfolio Check Out Results       
Assignment 5 - Experimental Art Site - Hypermedia Poetry Check Out Results       
Assignment 6 - Flash Animation Check Out Results       
Assignment 7 - Non-linear Narrative Check Out Results       
Assignment 8 - Final Assignment Check Out Results       
Assignment 9 - Storyboard, Proposal, Screens Check Out Results       

Assignment 1: Critique of Web Art

Time allotted: (1 week)
Assigned: Jan 14
Due date: Monday Jan 20 - 12 noon

Description: Find 3 web sites that exemplify creative design and artistic expression.

  • Site 1: Commercial site that is creative and effectively designed.
  • Site 2: Portfolio site that is creatively designed and showcases artwork.
  • Site 3: Experimental, crazy, conceptually interesting, artistically out there kind of site.

    CONTENT is NOT important - good design is.
    ALL sites must be HTML/JavaScript NOT Flash.
    ALL sites must use color, composition, layout, text, interactivity and navigational elements in a creative/innovative way.

    Technical requirements: Write a one paragraph critique of each site explaining why the site is successful in your eyes. Discuss the use of color, composition, navigation, interface design, type, layout, etc. Email it to bonniem@creativity.bgsu.edu by 12 noon on Monday

    Conceptual requirements: You must articulate your ideas and responses to the web sites in a clear articulate way.

    Sites to check out:

    Student Porfolio Sites:

    Spring 2002 Student Portfolios
    Fall 2001 Student Portfolios-section 1
    Fall 2001 Student Portfolios-section 2
    Spring 2001 Student Portfolios
    Fall 2000 Student Portfolios
    Spring 2000 Student Portfolios
    Fall 1999 Student Portfolios
    Spring 1999 Student Portfolios
    Student Portfolios on DigitalArts

    Experimental Art Sites (just a starting point)

    SIGGRAPH 2002 Art Gallery Artsites
    SIGGRAPH 2001 Art Gallery Artsites
    SIGGRAPH 2000 Art Gallery Artsites
    SIGGRAPH 1999 Art Gallery Artsites
    SIGGRAPH 1998 Art Gallery Artsites

    Assignment 2: Portfolio hierarchy chart

    Time allotted: (1 week)
    Assigned: Jan 14
    Due date: Tuesday Jan 21

    Description: Create a hierarchy chart outlining how you will organize your portfolio. Each box on the chart should represent a WWW page and should have the corresponding file name listed. Pages you may want to include: Main page, table of contents, resume, Page of links, Sections of types of artwork (you may divide it up how you see fit, (i.e. Drawings, Paintings, Digital Images, 3D models, Animation, Digital Video, Installations, Sculpture - and then subdivisions if necessary), Artist Statement, etc. Be sure to include a section in your portfolio that will be devoted to your Web Art.

    You will produce four additional web pieces in this class, and the gallery should have links that will later connect to those projects (check syllabus). DON'T include things that could incriminate you or irrelevant material (most employers don't need to know that you hang out at the local bar every night and have 4 siblings). Remember, BE PROFESSIONAL, but be creative and innovative in your design!

    Assignment 3: Contact Sheet of All Art to be used on your web pages

    Time allotted: (1.5 weeks)
    Assigned: Jan 14
    Due date: Thursday Jan 23

    Description: Scan in all your art and save it as TIF. Put all the images in a folder and make a Photoshop contact sheet of all your art. If you want to subdivide the work in separate folders (Painting, Drawing, Digital Art, Jewelry, etc.) then you will need to turn in more than one contact sheet. Save the contact sheet as a TIF and put it in the homework folder with your name on it: jones1.tif, jones2.tif, etc.

    Assignment 3.5: Web Design in Photoshop

    Assigned: Jan 21
    Due date: Tuesday Jan 28

    Description: Design the layout of your web site in Photoshop. Use layers to contain each element of your design. Name your layers. Design at least your main page and one sublevel page such as one that would contain thumbnails.

    Assignment 4: Web Portfolio

    Time allotted: (3 weeks)
    Assigned: Jan 14
    Due date: Thursday Jan 30
    Upload to the Web: Tues Feb 4

    Create a WWW portfolio that has a main page that links to at other pages with your artwork on them. The function of the piece should be self-promotional but the stylistic design to is up to you. The piece should be creatively designed with special attention paid to the use of color, the arrangement of the elements, the alignment of the images, the use of graphics, and the creative idea. In your design you may consider the use of imagemaps, animated gifs, rollovers, and transparent backgrounds.

    Technical requirements:
    Small thumbnail images that link to a larger version of the work.
    Title, medium, size, print technology, concept description, etc. for each piece.
    Intuitive navigation system
    Designed using HTML coding from scratch NOT Dreamweaver, etc..
    Runs on Internet Explorer & Netscape & Macs & PCs & on a 800x600 resolution monitor.

    Basic Requirements:
    A minimum of 4 pages
    Links from the first page to the other pages
    Links on the other pages that link back to the first page
    A category with links to at least 3 related sites on the Internet
    Graphic headers on each page
    Graphical icons to link to other pages
    A background image or color
    The use of a table
    A "mailto" on the bottom of at least one of the pages
    Proper HTML coding - don't forget to end your tags!

    Conceptual requirements:
    This is probably the most important assignment you will do here at BGSU as far as your career is concerned. Employers expect applicants to have web portfolios and they are going to look for good interface design and creativity (it does not matter if you want to be an animator, image artist, graphic designer, etc. - your site MUST be outstanding).

    Your web site will effect your ability to get a job after school. BE CREATIVE in both the concept and the design aspects of this project.

    Assignment 5: Experimental Web Art - Hypermedia Poetry

    Time allotted: (2 weeks)
    Assigned: Feb 11
    Due date: Tuesday Feb 25

    Create an experimental web site using text, image and interactivity to convey your idea. Start with a CONCEPT. Develop images to go with your concept. Interactivity should play a BIG role in the unraveling of your idea. This site should be very exploratory. Experiment with innovative layouts, unexpected results, juxtapositioning unusual elements, etc.

    Theme: Experimental Hypermedia Poetry
    Think about what the word poetry means. In your piece you can use a standard form of poetry and alter it using hypermedia or you can be very creative in your interpretation of what a poem actually is. Your poetic expression must include visuals and interactivity beyond going to another page (use Javascript). Your piece does not have even resemble a poem but it must be an exploration of an idea in a less than literal way.

    Food for Thought: A poem does not have to have words.

    Technical requirements:
    Use some of the advanced techniques taught in class. You do not have to use them all because they may not be appropriate for your piece.

    You must work with tables and other HTML scripting taught in previous lectures.

    DO NOT USE any drag and drop Web page creation software I will know if you did and mark you down.

    All images must have WIDTH, HEIGHT and ALT

    If you open a ton of windows in JavaScript, close them via JavaScript

    The grade will be based on the following:

    Good use of Art and Design (color, composition, etc.)
    Thought-provoking or well thought-out idea
    Innovative use of interactivity
    Appropriateness for the theme (experimental hypermedia poetry)
    Technical art issues (antialiasing problems, mis-alignment, etc.)
    Technical code issues (I will check the javaScript and HTML)

    Assignment 6: Flash Animation

    Time allotted: (1 week)
    Due date: Thursday March 6

    Create a short animation in Flash using the tools learned in class. The piece can be narrative or experimental. Be sure to keep it short but still maintain the essence of what you are trying to convey.

    Assignment 7: Non-linear narrative

    Time allotted: (2 weeks +)
    Due date: Tuesday, April 1

    Create a short interactive story using Flash and ActionScripting. You can be very expressive, experimental, creative, etc. with the story. Give the user choices along the way. You should animate a few elements within the story - this can be in the form of animated rollover buttons.

    You should have animated segways or transitions as you go from section to section.

    Tip: When drawing your characters, objects, and environments in Flash, think about the direction of the light and draw in highlight and shadow areas. Avoid using circles and squares without modifying them. The quality of the artwork is important!

    Assignment 8: Final Assignment

    Due date: Thursday, May 1

    Using HTML, JavaScript, and/or Flash create an interactive art piece on a topic of your choice. The piece must be artistic in nature, not commercial, or primarily educational. You should focus on the creative idea, while pushing the technology in an interesting direction. Don't forget that the visual look of your piece is the user's first impression so make it look good! The interaction is the second most important aspect of your piece. Make it interactive (the more the better) - not a linear piece.

    Assignment 9: Storyboard, Proposal and Screen Designs

    Due date: Tuesday, April 8

    Create a storyboard illustrating the different sections/pages in your piece.


    Must be mounted on mat board and include:
    Images - Show the layout of the screen - use color
    Arrows - show what connects to what

    Grades will be given for each categories:
    Presentation of the storyboard
    Project Idea
    Structure (arrows)
    Layout of Screen (images)
    Text Description
    Audio (if used)


    Write a 2 paragraph proposal describing the idea for your final piece:
    First paragraph describe the idea
    Second paragraph describe the techniques used or involved.

    Screens Designed:

    In Photoshop or Flash, create the layout of your screens and present them to class.