Research 2: Presentation on Gases, Fluids and Hair

Wed. Oct. 12th
and Mon. Oct. 17th


  1. In groups of two, put together a presentation demonstrating the use of an advanced effect.

  2. Divide the tasks and each person will present their portion of the research.

  3. Use visual examples or a sample file you have created.

  4. Plan a short activity for the class to do so they learn the technique.

  5. Create technical documentation that will help anyone using the effect. This documentation will be posted on the Google Doc provided.

The grade will be based on the following:

Project 2 - Group Presentations: Fluids, Hair and other Effects

Wed Oct 12

Ocean & Pond - Alison & Rachel

Cloth - Dustin & Stephanie

Rigid Body (Active and Passive) - Eric & Tyrell

Mon Oct 17

Hair - Anna & Heather

Constrains (Nail, Pin, Hinge, Spring, Barrior) - Fernanda

Wed Oct 19

Sprite Wizard - Just'n

Goals - Sierra

2D and 3D Container - Aramonti & Clovie

Bifrost - Ericsson

Advanced FXs - Ericsson