Project 2: Juxtapositioning of Unusual Elements - Earth/Wind/Smoke/Cloud/Fire - Realistic Particles

Create a 10-15 second particle animation that combines realistic particles with some objects that you would not normally find combined with that type of effect. For instance, you could have a garden hose squirting out fire or an apple tree with smoke and ash coming out of each apple. The combination of elements must be unusual and thought provoking.

Think about the earth and how the various elements such as wind, fire, water, etc. effects the landscape. How can these elements also be used in an unusual context?

Your animation must not include a traditional Sci-Fi or Fantasy effect (no wizards with sparks coming from their finger tips). Model your environment and apply textures to it realistically. DO NOT try to tell a story using the traditional beginning, middle and end approach. Your combination of unusual elements should tell a story or get me thinking about the possible meaning of the piece.

Technical requirements:
Do not include characters.

Use effective lighting, textures and shadows.

BE UNUSUAL - take risks - create a combination no one expects.

You MUST include significant use of Particles, Effects , Fluids or other special effects.

The grade will be based on the following:

Project 2 - Part 1: Idea presentation and research

Wed. Oct. 5th - Revised ideas and 12+ research samples

  1. You will be presenting your idea to class. Visual examples or references are highly encouraged.

    Turn in a text file with a short description of the animation. Include a description of the environment and the effects as well as what will happen.

  2. Find videos or images of the special effects, objects and environments you will be including in your assignment. You should have at least 12 different images or videos to use as reference.

Turn the research files into the homework folder. They can be links to images and videos submitted in a text file or jpgs or videos.

Project 2 - Part 2: Models with Textures and Lighting and Particle Tests

Mon. Oct. 17th

  1. Create the environment that your animation takes place in. Make sure that your texturing and lighting is as realistic as possible. Include particle tests of your effects. Use more than one simple special effect.
Turn in your Maya project file and a rendered image (TIF or JPG) of the best view.

Project 2 - Part 3: Completed Animation

Wed. Oct. 26th

  1. Create a 10-20 second animation that looks realistic but has a very odd juxtapostion of elements.
Turn in your Maya project file and a rendered 10-15 second animation saved as H.264 at HD 720p resolution.

Project 2 - Part 4: Revised Animation

Wed. Nov. 2nd

  1. Revise the animation to create a more visually realistic animation based on the feedback you received at the critique.
  2. Add beginning credits and end credits to your piece.
  3. Add audio effects to the animation.
Turn in your Maya project file and a rendered 10-15 second animation saved as H.264 at HD 720p resolution.