Audio Tutorial using Sound Track Pro

Put all the files you want to use (audio and animation) in the same folder in the Workspace in a folder with your name (inside Students folder)

Open Sound Track Pro

If the RIGHT panels are not visible:

In the Window menu, Toggle Right Pane

In the Browser tab (in the right bottom corner), double-click Workspace and find your folder and files


Drag the sound files to tracks and arrange them by grabbing the left or right side of them.

Drag your video into the top track. This is not a video editor so all animations will snap to the start and cannot be moved.

SAVE the project

File menu - Save

NOTE: This only saves the project with the sound information - not the audio files themselves. Always keep the audio, video and project file in the same folder.

To zoom in or out or make the track taller, use the following tools:

You can scroll around in the timeline using the scroll bars

To play the piece: set your workspace markers by dragging in the timeline (you may have to drag more than once to get it to work)

hit the space bar to play

The video will play in a window in the Video tab near the Project tab.

If the video window is missing go to the Window menu - Layouts - Standard

To add effects:

1. Select the audio clip
2. Select the effect type
3. Select the effect
4. Click the Plus button

Hit spacebar to play while adjusting the parameters

Experiment with the sliders and dials in the effects box to get what you want. All effects palettes are different.

You can click the Advanced button to get to the effects palette in the future

There are also effects and useful audio tools under the Process menu

NOTE: Don't use the Fade in and Out from the Process menu unless you want the entire audio clip to fade in from the start of it to the end.

Its not a bad idea to Normalize all your clips because this will adjust clips that are recorded too low or high.

To fade audio out and in:

Fade Out: Move the cursor arrow to the upper left corner of the track and you will see a little envelope icon. Click and drag to get a fade.

Fade In: Drag the envelop from the top right corner

WARNING - if your audio clips starts exactly at the beginning, zoom in and move it right a little bit so the fade-in function has room to ramp up. Then add your fade-in to it.

To get rid of a fade in or out, drag them to the left or right

You can adjust volume and panning from the left or right speaker


Interface issues:

If you end up in a large view of the audio wave (you double-clicked the audio), use the tab to get back to the tracks

To export your audio:

Set the workspace markers to select the parts of the audio you want to export (start to finish)

File menu - Export…

Find where you want to save the file and set up the parameters like the following:

Exported Items: Master Mix
File Type: WAVE File
Bit Depth: 16 Bit
Sample Rate: 48 kHz

Click the Export button