Paint Effects Part 2

Auto Paint:

Generate Menu - Auto Paint

Make an object and Make Paintable

Select Auto Paint - Grid or Random Options

Paint on object

Modeling Menu set - Generate - Get Brush

1. Select something from the glass folder and paint a stroke in the perspective view

2. Select Generate menu - Paint Effects Tool - Options

PE tool options

Draw As Mesh - when drawing in the modeling window the paint effects only show up
as curves. Try it on and off.

To see an approximation of the paint effect - turn on Draw as mesh

Paint at Depth

ON - will go out from the surface
OFF - will go along the surface of the object

Display Quality - Bigger # looks better (slower), smaller # looks worse but it is faster

Surface Offset - distance it will be from the surface

Pressure settings are for Wacom Tablets


Display menu - Rendering - Paint Effects Mesh Display
Display menu - Rendering - Stroke Display Quality - try different values

Attaching Brushes to Existing Curves

1. Make a curve

2. Generate menu - Get Brush

3. Generate menu - Get Settings from Selected Strokes

3. Select the new curve (not Paint Effects curve)

4. Generate menu- Curve Utilities - Attach Brush to Curves

Reusing brush settings

1. Make two different brush strokes (choose different brushes)

2. Select one of the Brushes and Generate menu - Get Settings from Selected Stroke

2. Select the other stroke and Generate menu -Apply Settings to Selected Strokes


Simplify Stroke Curve (removes extra CVs)

1. Select Stroke

2. Generate menu - Curve Utilities - Simplify Stoke Paths Curve

To Change Stroke Curve Shape (simplify it first)

1. Select the stroke curve

2. Display - Show - Show Geometry - Stroke Path Curve

3. Select curve in the outliner

4. Select by Component - move the CVs

5. Display - Hide - Hide Geometry - Stroke Path Curve

6. Change to Select by Object