Animation Credits

Animation Credits

Must use Title Action Safe to ensure you do not loose part of your credits

In After Effects select:

Standard Begining Credits:

Fade in from black / white: 4-5 seconds

Stay on screen long enough for someone to say it outloud three times

Fade into first scene of the animation or into black / white (3-5 seconds)

End Credits:
Only use what is appropriate:

Director (that's you)

Sound / Music

Song Credits

List of any other person that helped

Special Thanks (only those that helped you so that you could make this piece - not your dog)

All animations should end with:

Bowling Green State University
ARTC 4430 Art Animation FX
Professor Bonnie Mitchell

Other After Effects tips:

Change size of view (magnification ratio popup)

Change resolution (Resolution / Down sample factor popup)

Purge Memory once in a while