Bake Simulations and Caching

Baking Simulations

You can bake many types of simulations: rigid and soft body, particles, dynamically driven, objects with expressions, etc.

rigid bodies

Baking Rigid Body Dynamics

Make objects, select them and make them Active or Passive Rigid Objects (Dynamics Rigid/Soft Bodies)

Edit Menu - Keys - Bake Simulation - Options

Bake Simulation

Bake Simulation options


All keyable: All keys will be baked

From Channel Box: lets you select which attributes you want to bake

Time Range:

Time Slider: It will only bake for duration of the time slider

Start/End: You can set start and end frames to bake

Sample By: 1 = set key on every frame, 10 = set key on every ten frames

Click Bake

Look at the Graph Editor

Bake Simulation Graph Editor

You can see I set the Sample By to 5.

Open the Outliner

Make sure the Shapes has a checkmark


Open each shape by clicking the +

Remove the Rigid Body node by deleting it.

Outliner removed: Outliner

More info

Baking (Cache) Cloth Simulations

You don't really "Bake" a cloth simulation, you "Cache" it.


Create a new Cache after you have already made the cloth simulation and it is how you like it.

It is located in the nDynamic Menu set

Ndynamics Cache

Don't forget to Delete it if you don't need it - it takes memory.

Always create a Cache before rendering otherwise the "run-up" time required to render your simulation will increase the more frames you have.