Particle Extras

Setting the lighting to only effect hardware particles:

1. Create a Directional emitter with a large rate (5,000-10,000) and Spread > 0

2. Make a spot light and adjust it to face the particles - use the t key

3. Lighting - Use all lights


4. Shading in the Window menu - Smooth Shade All (Hit 6 & 7)

5. Select the particles, click Shading in the nParticle Attribute Editor and change from Points to MultiStreak

6. Click Use Lighting

8. In the Windows - Render Editors - Hardware Render Buffer:

Render Modes - Lighting Mode - All Lights

Render Sequence

*** If you use the Display Render Settings and change to the Maya Hardware Renderer, use lighting is already set for you.

To get Shadows:

1. Make a plane and put it beneath the particles

2. Position the light so it angles down to cast shadows onto the plane

3. Select the Light and in the Attribute Editor

4. Turn ON Use Depth Map Shadows

5. Change the shadow color to grey

6. Adjust the Resolution as needed

*** In the Hardware Render Buffer you need to: Display Shadows

***Not all graphics cards will calculate shadows correctly using the Hardware Render Buffer

Creating a Baked Particle Object

Part 1:

1. Make a plane

2. nParticle menu - Emit from Object options (select Surface)

3. Make particles streaks and set them up how you want them

4. Fields/Solvers - Initial State - Set for Selected

5. Delete Emitting object (the plane)

6. Select the particles - Edit - Keys - Bake Simulation options


7. Select all the Keys (shift drag) in the timeline

8. RMB Delete keys in the timeline

9. You can now key the rotate, scale, translate

Part 2:

A. Make a sphere

B. Duplicate the Sphere with the Scale set to 1.2 on xyz - change the Hyper shader to make the outer one semi-transparent

C. Select the inner circle and Emit from Object options (Surface)

D. Select the outer circle and nCloth - Passive Collider

E. In the nParticles Attribute Editor - Collisions: Change Collide Width Scale to 0

F. Under Dynamic Properties - Ignore Solver Gravity

Run the simulation and adjust particles until you like the looks

G. Solvers - Initial State - Set for Selected

H. Delete Emitting object (the sphere)

J. Edit - Keys - Bake Simulation

K. Select all the Keys (shift drag) in the timeline

L. RMB Delete keys in the timeline

You can now key the rotate, scale, translate