Particle Color

Adding Color to Particles:

Under the Shading section of the Attribute Editor (with the particles selected)

Open the Color section

You can change the color over the age (or time) by clicking in the middle of the ramp to add colors over time

Click selected color swatch to add a color

Change the Color Input to Age to see the color change over time. Try other options.

Add Dynamic attributes:

(don't add them unless needed - they use memory and compute time)

dynamic attributes

Select Per Object and it will add the new attribute to the Render Attributes

dynamic attributes

Per Object

Can change:
Opacity - 0 = transparent; 1 = opaque
Color: Per Object
Per object gives you RGB values to work with - does not show up until you hit the 5 6 7 keys

dynamic attributes

Per Particle
Requires programming or advanced techniques (we will do this later)

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