Rendering After Effects Movies

Save the Project before making a movie

Quit all other Applications to make the render go faster

Composition menu - Add to Render Queue

Name it -
Save it to the same place you saved your files (it will take up lots of space)

Render Queue

Click Best Settings (it may say Current Settings)
Quality = Best
Resolution = Full
* Time Span - Length of Comp (make sure your Composition Settings has been set to the correct time.
Frame Rate - 29.97
Click: OK

Render settings

Click Output Module - Lossless
Format - Quicktime Movie
check Video Output

Channels RGB (NO alpha)
Depth (millions) OK

Turn on the Audio Output

render output

Format Options
Select H.264 for the version you will show in class

For your archive version:

Format Options
Select Animation - this is higher quality but will not play back well (it is a huge file size)
Depth = Millions of Colors (not Millions +)
Click OK

Click Render


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