Creating After Effect Compositions

Three ways to create a new compositions:

1. Drag an element directly from the Project Window to the Timeline

new comp 3

This will make a Comp the size and pixel aspect ratio of the element, and the same frame rate if its a movie.
It will name the Comp the same name as the element you dragged to the Timeline.

You can take control of the settings by setting them yourself.

2. In the Project Window select the New Comp icon
This will open the Composition Settings

new comp

3. In the Composition Menu select New Composition...
This will open the Composition Settings

new comp

Composition Settings

hd composition

Name the file - do not keep it Comp 1

Preset: HDV / HDTV 720 29.97

***NOTE: HD resolutions will play back on computers but will not be able to be made into a playable DVDs without scaling the movie down to DV size.

Width: 1280 px Height: 720 px

Pixel Aspect Ratio:
for HD it is Square Pixels
Frame Rate - 29.97
Resolution - Full
Duration - specify how long you want the piece
- 0:00:06:20 = 0 hours, 0 minutes, 6 seconds, 20 frames


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