After Effects Animating Parameters


Use the following menu items to add effects to your Maya elements:

Effect menu:

Blur & Sharpen
Color Correction
Noise & Grain

DO NOT use:

Generate or Simulation

After Effects allows you to animate almost any parameter using the following method:

1) Add an Effect or other attribute to the layer

Example: Add Effect - Color Correction - Hue/Saturation

2) Select the place on the timeline you want the animation to start by moving the time slider to that location

3) Turn the stopwatch ON in the attribute you want to animate in the Effects Panel (top left of window)


Find the attribute in the Timeline under the Effects arrow in the layer and then set the stopwatch to ON

4) Change the value of the parameter and it will be recorded as a diamond on whatever frame you are on. So if you do the following you will end up with animated AE Effects:

A) Go to the frame
B) Change the parameter
C) Go to another frame
D) Change the parameter
E) etc.

IMPORTANT: Do Not turn off the stopwatch or you will loose all your animation

You can set a key by clicking the grey diamond to the left of the parameter as well.

- Keys can be moved in the timeline to make them occur faster or slower over time.

- Keys can be removed by hitting the delete / backspace button.

- Parameters can be changed by holding the SHIFT key down and moving to a key and then changing the value of the parameter in the Effects palette or Timeline Effects area.

* The shift snaps the timeline slider to the key.