Exerpt from Art Animation: Creative Storytelling and Abstract Expression

If the animator's goal is to replicate reality then my advice is to use a video camera. Video recording events and realistic characters will be much easier than animating them and the results will be closer to reality than what an animator could ever get, unless the animator is incredibly skilled and has a huge amount of time to devote to the piece.

The strength of animation is that the animator is not bound to reality and the physics of the real world.  They have the creative freedom to create anything and let their imagination run wild.  When an animator creates work that look like something that people have seen before, people will compare the work to the referential source and will not consider the work "creative".  They will instead place judgment on the work–is it better or worse than the original source? If the animator attempts to create realistic characters, especially using computer graphics, people will notice every little wink and movement of the fingers that does not look like its realist source. 

Instead if the animator creates stylistically unique or a hybrid creature such as a cube with frog feet and an elephant trunk and this creature flies, the audience will not notice if the toes don't look quite right.  The audience will be accepting of the creative freedom the animator has taken when designing the character. This also applies to the unfolding of actions over time.  If the animator attempts to depict realistic events in sequential order, then they are bound to what people know to be "true" and if they vary from this, the audience will question their abilities. An animator may develop the technical skills necessary to replicate styles, including realistic action and forms, but if they care for their animation to be recognized for its creativity, the best bet is to not attempt to copy or replicate reality but instead, expand upon it. 

The imagination is a powerful thing and when freed from the constraints of reality, it can be used to create animations that are not only memorable but also communicate ideas in a more powerful way.