Class Readings

1st reading Due: Mon Sept 8

Art in the Age of Digital Distribution, Tribe, Mark and Jana, Reena (2007) New Media Art


1. What is New Media Art? ...Two categories of art merged.

2. What art movements served as the conceptual and aesthetic roots of NMA? Explain each.

3. How did the Internet change artistic production, aesthetics, concepts, etc.?

4. What new art forms resulted from the introduction of the computer and NMA? How did these change the relationship between the viewer, artist and artwork?

5. Tell me about appropriation art. Where did it evolve out of? How have artists used it?

6. Discuss the "aesthetics of obsolescence". What does this mean, how have artists used it and how does it compare to other directions in NMA?

7. What different directions have NMA artists explored? For example," Corporate Parody". What else?

8. Talk about surveillance. Our thought regarding it and how artist have used it.

9. How has the traditional art world responded to NMA stating in the 60s to the present?

10. What are some critical issues that need to be solved in regards to preservation of NMA? And what are the four approaches often taken with NMA that uses technology that has become obsolete?


Research the following artists / artworks and talk about them in the context of the topics discussed in the reading:

Group 1: Kirsten, Paul, Sterling

John Simon Jr.: Every Icon

Mark Amerika: Gammatron


Group 2: Ashleigh, Rashawn, Casey

Thomson and Craighead: Trigger Happy

RSG: Prepared Playstation

Natalie Bookchin: The Intruder


Group 3: Rachel, Alex, Julia

Performances of Cary Peppermint

Radioqualia: Free Radio Linux

Cabaret Voltaire


Group 4: Sam, Tony, Colby

Lynn Hershman: Deep Contact

Jim Campbell: Hallucination

Olia Lialina: My Boyfriend Came Back From the War


Group 5: Keith, Jordyn, Chelsea

Golan Levin: Dialtones: A Telesymphony

Jonah Brukner-Cohen and katherine Moriwaki:

Ken Goldberg: Telegarden


Group 6: Nick, Gretchen, JD

DJ Spooky: Rebirth of a Nation

Jennifer and Kevin McCoy: 201: A Space Algorithm

Mark Mandberg: After Sherrie Levine