Set Up and Use Your Progress Blog

Go to

·      Login with your BGSU username

·      Click My Sites

·      Select Dashboard

By default, it will create the blog with your username and this blog will be for you to use throughout the time you are at BGSU.

Create another blog for the class:

·      Click My Sites

·      Choose your username blog

·      choose Dashboard

·      Choose My Sites from the menu on the left

·      Create a New Site

Specs for new site:

·      Under Site Name type:

o   artc4180username - replace username with YOUR username.  It is IMPORTANT to use this naming scheme.

·      Blog Title

o   Your Name’s Senior Studio Progress

·      It does not matter if you want your blog to appear in the search engine.

·      Login to the new site you just created.

·      Set up theme:

o   On the menu at the left, Click the Appearance - Themes:

o   Find the Mandigo
theme and click Activate "Mandigo"

o   Click Customize to add a relevant tagline, like “Fall 2014

***USE the Photoshop template to add your image. Make an image that is 800 wide x 250 high JPG and place it in the template.  The Blog template chops off a part of your image and this template file compensates for that. Make sure you turn off the "Turn off before Saving" folder in the Photoshop Layers.  Flatten image and save as JPG.

·      Add your picture to your site:

Dashboard - Appearance section select Header 
(You need to have an image ready to go that you created with the template above! )

Click Choose File and select your image.

Upload To see it, click the title of the Blog – Visit Site on top


·      Customize your side bar in the following way:

click Appearance - Widgets then

Click Calendar
- Add Widget

Click Archives in the Sidebar 1 column and Delete

Click Categories in the Sidebar 1 column and Delete


So you should have:

Recent Posts
Recent Comments

·      Trash “Hello World” and make a new post

·      Set Discussion specs:

Click SettingsDiscussion and

UNCHECK- A comment is held for moderation

UNCHECK - Comment author must have a previously approved comment

Save Changes

·      Adding to your blog

1. To add something to your blog use the POSTS - Add New - Don't forget to click Publish

2. To change a posting, use the Edit - Don't forget to click Update Post

3. To add images to a blog page, use the Media - Add New link. Use the Browser Uploader if you have any problems.


Don’t Use Pages – use Posts instead.


We will be using the blog to post ideas, research, exercises and assignments as well as using it to critique each others work.