Class Schedule - Fall 2011 - ARTC 4430 - Bowling Green State University
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August Tentative Schedule: Assigned: What is due:
22 Mon

Syllabus, introduction to creating particle systems, Particle Attributes, Hardware Rendered particles, Sprite Particles, Add Dynamic Attributes, Lifespan. Abstraction in Film.

Notes: Intro to Particles

1. Abstract Animation
2. Find 10 sounds

24 Wed

Software particles, Particle Emitters, Dynamic Relationships, Fields, Hardware rendering.

Notes: Emitters/Fields Notes

1. Create 3 test sequences 10 sec. long  
29 Mon

Introduction to Audio (sound scapes). Collisions, Collision Events, Initial States, Start Frame

Notes: Collisions Notes
Notes: Audio Notes

1. Develop sound track
2. Redo Particle tests with color (5)
Due: sounds (10)
Due: 3 Test Sequences
31 Wed

Review of Particles tests. Particle color, Per Particle Attributes

Notes: Per Particle Notes

5 Mon Labor Day - No school  
7 Wed

Critique: Particle Tests (5) & Sound Track

1. Three scenes of animation with music Due: Redone particle tests (5)
Due: Sound track completed
12 Mon

Compositing in After Effects, Projects, Compositions, Timelines, Layers, compositing transformation and keyframing, rendering and organizing layers. Effects and masking.

Notes: Compositing 1 Notes
Notes: Compositing 2 Notes

1. Three fourths done animation Due: 3 scenes (half done)
14 Wed

Composting continued

19 Mon

Critique: Progress on animation

Review with Special FX Supervisor

Due: 3/4 done
21 Wed

Particle Lighting, transformations, baking, tangent and normal speed, texture transmission, per point emission, sparks

Notes: Particle Extras

26 Mon Critique Project 1. Assigned:
1. print 11x17 page with still 6-8 frames of your animation and a title on the page.
2. Small group Effects presentation
3. Juxtaposition animation
4. Ideas for Juxtapostion animation
Due: Project 1 Abstract Animation
28 Wed

Attaching geometry to particles, Other Effects, Fluid Effects etc.

Attaching Geometry to Particles

Modeling for animation

Due: A print of the frames of your animation - hang it in the hall

Due: Ideas for Juxtaposition assignment

3 Mon

Group Presentations on Effects




Due: Project 1 revised


Due: Group Presentations on Effects with instructions

5 Wed

Paint Effects

Paint Effects, 2d and 3d painting, attributes and animation.

Assign: Fluids and nDynamics Group Presentations:

• 3D container with emitters
• Ocean
• Pond
• Hair
• Fluid Examples (Fire)
• Fluid Examples (Explosions)
• Fluid Examples (Smoke)

Assign: Model and textures for Juxtapostion animation (1 rendered image due)

Assign: Research - Find at least 6 references to use for animation and post on web

Due: Model and textures for Juxtapostion animation started

Due: 6 reference images for your animation

10 Mon Fall Break - No class  
12 Wed

Fluids and nDynamics presentations

Critique of models

Notes: Sprite Sequences


Due: Model and textures for Juxtapostion animation (1 rendered image due)

Due: Fluids, hair and other effects presentations w/instructions

17 Mon

Work day with individual meetings



19 Wed

Critique of Juxtapositioning Assignment.

watch animations

Final Assignment - Metaphor
Due: Juxtaposition Animation
24 Mon Introduction to metaphor and abstract storytelling.    
26 Wed Staging, camera cuts/scenes, narrative language.   Due: Revised Juxtaposition
31 Mon Critique of final ideas    
2 Wed Work day

Tests of three parts of final animation

7 Mon Critique of visual progress   Due: Tests of three parts
9 Wed nParticles    
14 Mon Critique of progress   Due: One third done
16 Wed Individual meetings    
21 Mon In progress critique   Due: 6 shots developed
23 Wed Thanksgiving Break - No classes    
28 Mon Workday    
30 Wed Workday   Due: 9/10 done
5 Mon Render/Animation quantity inspection - in progress individual critique    
7 Wed Author DVD, Course Evals, workday    
EXAM week

13 Mon


Final Critique of QT version (H.264) of final animation. Final DVD mastered, QT version (animation compression) on Homework folder, online portfolio updated. Three projects on DVD.   Due: Three projects on DVD, All three animations turned into homework folder
16 Thurs Computers go to the Wolfe Center