Quiz over Chapter 2
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Select the best answer according to the information in Chapter 2 of Ideas for the Animated Short:
Question: Possible choices
1. According to Ed Hooks, an adrenaline moment is No Response
when the character meets another character of the opposite sex.
the point at which the story increases in speed.
a thought provoking gesture made by a secondary character.
something that happens to a character that is of great emotional significance.
when the character pumps up his muscles to get more strength
2. It is more important to have No Response
good characters than a good story.
a good story over good technique.
a good beginning over a good ending.
a good fight in the middle rather than a good story.
good special effects over a good story.
3. A clichè is No Response
a symbol that means a specific thing at the beginning but changes meaning at the end.
a character that is trying to become the hero but does not have the strength.
a concept, character, symbol or plot that is not original and is way overused.
a metaphor or simile and represents something other than what it is.
none of the above.
4. A good character No Response
can jump high buildings in a single leap.
cannot be replaced with another character in the story.
is designed realistically and behaves like a human.
can overcome any obstacle in the story
can be used in a variety of animations.
5. What is the difference between concept and premise? No Response
A concept is the theme of the story and a premise is the meaning.
A concept is a result of the brainstorming process whereas a premise randomly comes to the mind.
A concept never changes and a premise changes all the time.
A concept is the thought process that the main character goes through to try to achieve their goal and a premise is the action.
A concept is the main idea that underlies the story and a premise is the brief description of what happens in the story.
6. When animating characters, remember that a character No Response
thinks then acts.
moves in random ways.
always behaves as expected.
moves faster during the inciting moment.
moves then speaks.
7. When you "show, not tell" in an animation that means No Response
the ending of the story is coming.
you make evident the emotional experience of the character.
the narrator stops talking just long enough for the character to act.
no dialogue is included.
the animation has dancing yet no singing characters.
8. The three types of conflict are: No Response
character vs character, character vs. the story, character vs god.
character vs. the world, character vs. his lover, character vs. the animator.
the fight scene, the crying scene, the lying scene.
character vs. character, character vs. environment, character vs. self
antagonist vs. protagonist, love story, mystery
9. In a story, the best type of humor No Response
takes the audience away from the plot.
grows out of the situation and reinforces the conflict or emotions of the character.
is slap stick because humans like to observe pain as long as it does not happen to them.
is written by comic book writers.
hides the fact that a movie has no plot.
10. When thinking of a story idea, if you start with the location you need to No Response
rethink the idea.
render it out to see if it takes too long.
see if it looks good during all seasons so the story can expand.
travel to it to see what it really is like.
discover why you are attracted to it and what its potential for a story is.
11. If you start with a situation when thinking of a story idea you need to No Response
expand upon it so it includes a fight scene.
try again and start with a character next time.
figure out what planet it takes place on.
remember all the times it happened to you.
create a conflict for the situation.
12. If you start with a character when thinking of an animation idea No Response
you should clothe the character.
you need to find out as much about the character as you can.
you need make the character a location to exist in.
start again and think of a situation instead.
all of the above
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