Assignments - Fall 2009 - ART 6050- Bowling Green State University
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Assignment 1: Creativity Exchange

Three students will receive an object in a bag and they must create another object or other type of artistic response to the object. Each person receives one week to complete their artistic response to the object. Then after the week is over, they bring in the object they have created and passes it to three other students. These students have a week to create an art object that is in response to the object they were given. This process of creating an object and passing it onto the next student after a week is repeated until all students in the class have a chance to participate.The original objects that were given to the first three students will be returned to the teacher after the first week.

All objects must be kept secret.

At the end of 4 weeks, the objects will be revealed and a discussion centered around artistic influences and inspiration will ensue.

Blog Assignment
Assignment 2: Create a BGSU Blog

To do:
Using the university's blog system ( create a blog that will be used to post your artist statement, portfolio, research, sketches, and/or progress towards your MFA show. By default, it will create the blog with your username and this blog will be for you to use throughout the time you are at BGSU.

Create a blog for the class:
Go to and log in then click on Dashboard on the right.

Click the Appearance:

At the bottom, go to Page 5 and at the top of the page, click the Mandigo
At the top right, click Activate "Mandigo" or other template if you so desire.

***USE the Photoshop template I provide to add your image. The Blog template chops off a part of your image so the photoshop file compensates for that. Make sure you turn off the "Turn off before Saving" folder in the Photoshop Layers before using Save for Web & Devices.

In the blog Dashboard: In the Appearance sections select Custom Image Header
(You need to have an image ready to go that is 800 wide x 250 high JPG)

Click Choose File and select your image. Upload

To see it, click Visit Site on top

To customize the side bar, click Appearance - Widgets then
Click Add next to Calendar
Add Links
Add Recent Posts
Add Recent Comments

Then SAVE Changes

Go to the Comments menu item and remove the first comment (check mark on it and Bulk Actions: Delete)

Click Settings menu and change the Tagline to Your Name's Portfolio
Save Changes

Click the Arrow next to Settings and select Discussion
UNCHECK- A comment is held for moderation
UNCHECK - Comment author must have a previously approved comment

  1. To add something to your blog use the POSTS - Add New - Don't forget to click Publish
  2. To change a posting, use the Edit - Don't forget to click Update Post
  3. To add images to a blog page, use the Media - Add New link. Use the Browser Uploader if you have any problems.
  4. Test to make sure we can get to the blog from the class website (Student Page).
Due: Wed. Aug. 26
Update Blog

Assignment 3: Add Artist Statement and New Work to Blog

To do:

1. Update the Blog with your most recent work - especially work for your MFA show - even work in progress.

2. Add information about you on your first page

3. Post an artist statement that informs us about the work we see on the blog.

The Blogs will be graded on the evening of Sept. 28 therefore must be updated prior to 9 am that day.


Sept. 28
Written Critique

Assignment 4: Written Feedback on the Blog

To do:
Submit three comments on graduate student blogs. Using the list on the class website, submit comments on the three students below you on the list.

In your comments, you should submit thoughtful critique of the person's artwork, ideas, progress towards their MFA show or, if a first year grad, give them advice that might help them with how to proceed towards their MFA show.

Include comments on:

  • Formal elements (color, composition, principles of art and design)
  • Conceptual issues (idea, intention and interpretation)
  • Technical issues (use of media)
  • Your feedback can include comments on work you have seen at the critique and work posted on the website.

    Oct. 5
    Leading the Class

    Assignment 5: Lead the class in a discussion

    To do:

    1. Select a topic related to inspiration, influence and creativity.

    2. Plan activities, a discussion, a debate, readings, a visual presentation, a field trip, or some other way to lead the class in understanding the topic you want to focus on. You may be creative in how you lead the class.


  • To explore various methods of learning new material related to the creative process.
  • To enhance an understanding of how influence and inspiration effect artistic output.
  • To learn about innovative teaching methods by experimenting with non-traditional delivery of information that transcends the typical lecture, broadcast method of teaching.

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  • Due:
    Oct. 5