Syllabus - Fall 2009 - ART 6050- Bowling Green State University

ART 6050:

Graduate Studio Critique
Bonnie Mitchell
Sec 1: M 6:00 - 8:50pm
129 Fine Arts Center

Office Hrs:

109 Fine Arts
MW 12:30-2:00
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Reading Materials

Assigned reading:

  • The website will contain links to any reading on the internet
  • Handouts will be distributed in class

  • Explaining Creativity: The Science of Human Innovation by R. Keith Sawyer

  • Objective
    This course is designed to facilitate the interchange of ideas between graduate students. One of the primary goals is for graduate students in art to have their work critiqued and engage in the critique of the work of others. It is encouraged that students begin to question the source of their aesthetic and creativity and explore new methods of thinkning and talking about their work. The course is about examining inherited aesthetics; where aesthetic attitudes come from (influence), how these influences relate to a history of aesthetic criticism, where the lineage of aesthetics come from, and making aesthetic choices.
    Each student is expected to have work ready for critique three times during the semester. Students are expected to actively participate in the critique of other's work. Students are also expected to lead the class in a discussion or other learning experience focusing on the concept of creativity.
    Attendance is mandatory.

    1 absences = no penalty
    2 absences = overall final grade lowered 1 letter grade
    3 absences = overall final grade lowered 1 letter grades
    4 absences = fail the course; dropping the course strongly recommended.

    Being 15 minutes or more late to class three times will count as one unexcused absence.

    90 - 100
    89 - 80
    79 - 70
    69 - 60
    59 - 0
    A = Excellent - Above and beyond, artistically AND technically
    B = Very Good - Beyond requirements, artistically OR technically
    C = Average - Met the basic requirements
    D = Did not meet requirements
    F = Project not turned in or completely insufficient