Particle Systems Lecture Notes 4 (Audio)
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Audio in Adobe Audition
Start Adobe Audition
      Go to New - New Session (notice we are using 44100 khz audio)

      We use: 44100, 16 bit, Stereo and save as .wav

To add an Audio clip:
      Insert menu - Audio (notice audio format of the audio you are about to import)
            Add at least 4 audio clips to your score

In the main window:
      click Volume (circle button) to adjust the volume
      click the Pan button (circle on right of Volume) to shift the sound from one speaker to the other

      M = mute
      S = solo (play only this channel)

      Right button and drag to move the sound clip

      use the >||< on either side of the clip to shorten it

      use the little box on the top to adjust the volume (have it fade out and in with 3 points to make a spline
      Right click pull down on audio clip to the last item and select spline

      Can drag and drop Effects from the Effects tab (the Effects Rack) on the right into the audio clip in the main window.

      In the Mixer tab, you can pull down on the arrow and select No Effect to remove the FX

Playing the Audio:
      On the bottom of the window in the left is the control panel to Play the audio
      (can hit space bar to start and stop)

Zooming in on the track
      Zoom window - try all the icons to see what they do

Edit Menu
      Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Select All
      Split - will cut the clip at the playback marker position

      Bounce to a New Track - try it
      All Audio ...

      Insert Time/Delete Time - try it

Clip Menu:
      Lock in Time - will not let you move it
      Mute - silence it
      Remove - will just remove it from the track
      Destroy - will get rid of it plus the original sound file
      Convert to a Unique Copy
      Clip Color - good for organizing your clips

Mixer tab
      FX Power ON - can select and FX to add onto your audio channel - pull down arrow
      close the FX window when done adjusting the parameters of the FX (it will apply the changes automatically)

      You can adjust the Stereo Pan in the Mixer window also


      File - Save Session (may ask you to mix down your audio first - its OK to do it.

      File Export - Audio Mix down - to export it out for Maya