Attaching Geometry to Particles
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Attaching Geometry to Particles
To prepare files to use in Maya for Image Sequencing (animated sprites)

1. Import the video into AfterEffects
2. OR Make an animated effect or object in AfterEffects
3. Set the Work Area to just the files you want to export to use as the animation
4. Composition - Make Movie
5. Click Output Module - Lossless
6. Format - TIF Sequence
7. Deselect Use Comp Frame number (no check)
8. OK
9. Click the name in Output To:
10. Change the name to name.[#].tif (only ONE # and add a period after your name)
11. Render

Changing the File Name

You must get a copy of Rename Master from the homework folder

1. Double Click to open Rename Master
2. Select folder where the files are (using the left column)
3. On bottom hold down New Step and choose Remove Words/Numbers
4. The Phrase = .tif
5. from the = Extension
6. At bottom of the window click the icon with 2 arrows
(Rename selected files - Ctrl F6)

If you have padded zeros in the file name:
1. Click the X on the last New Step you did to remove it
2. Hold down New Step and choose Replace Name/Phrase
3. Replace the Phrase .000 with .
4. At bottom of the window click the icon with 2 arrows (Rename Files)
5. remove one of the zeros (.00) and Rename files again
6. remove one of the zeros (.0) and Rename files again

Quit when done

The files are ready for Maya

Loading up an animated sequence to put on your sprite

1. Make a Lambert
2. Select a File texture for the color
3. Image Name: select the first file of the image sequence you just renamed
NOTE: When loading them into a file texture, you may need to tell Maya to use Best Guess for Files of Type:
4. Click Use Image Sequence
5. Click on Use Interactive Sequence Caching and set start and end number

If you want a different image to each sprite:

In Particle Attribute Editor:
1. Add Dynamic Attributes - General
2. Add Attribute - Particle Tab - SpriteNumPP - OK
3. Write a creation and runtime expression for this new attribute:

*60 is the number of files you have

Creation Expression:
spriteNumPP = rand(0,60);

Runtime expression:
spriteNumPP = (spriteNumPP + 1) % 60;

If you want the same image for each sprite (no new attribute needed):

Creation expression:
spriteNum = (frame % 60);

Runtime expression:
spriteNum = (frame % 60);

(if you had added the SpriteNumPP attribute, you need to delete this for the above procedure to work.)