Quiz 3
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Select the best answer according to the information in Chapter 3 of Ideas for the Animated Short:
Question: Possible choices
1. Who developed the method of acting called the Theory of Psycho-Physical Action? No Response
Ed Hook
Constantin Stanislavski
Mark Shira
Carl Jung
Steve Smith
2. What are the two elements of the Theory of Psycho-Physical Acting method? No Response
Psychological Mind and Physical Body
Psychological Impact and Psychological Mind
Physical Body and Physical Resources
Psychoanalysis and Physical Strength
Psychohypnosis and Physical Body
3. What is it called when an actor or actress replays mental images from the past to create a more expresive performance? No Response
Empathy recall
Emotional recall
Inciting moment
Internal impact
4. What are the most essential elements of a scene in acting? No Response
Feeling, controlling, and understanding
Objectives, actions, and intentions
Showing, executing, and asking
Goal, conflict and resolution
Inciting moment, iconic image and resolution
5. According to the book, what influences the character's dialogue? No Response
The character's relationship to its environment
The character's goal and body shape
The character's objectives  and intentions
The length of the animation
The setting and time of day
6. A generic expression of an emotion that does not express true feelings is called No Response
a thought
an archetype
a protagonist
a cliche gesture
an imitative moment
7. An iconic moment is No Response
the ending of the story.
an important image in your story that will stick in your mind.
the climax of the story.
the point at which the dialogue stops.
when the conflict is at its peak.
8. In acting, what is the Psycho-Physical technique? No Response
Controlling the internal feelings using mental images.
The ability to use the body to perform incredible feats.
Mental traing that involves exercise, and brainstorming activities.
Creating authentic expressions using emotion and gesture.
A method to change the shape of a character using physical force.
9. What is improvisation? No Response
The point at which the character gives up.
Unscripted, unihibited play to discover something new.
An acting technique to develop stamina.
The rehearsed dialogue between two characters.
A mixture of the inciting moment and iconic image.
10. Decisions regarding the culture, upbringing, and personality of a character will determine No Response
the size of the character.
the length of time it takes the character to overcome the obstacle.
how often the character interacts with other characters in the scene.
how many iconic moments a story has.
the emotional core of the character and how it responds in situations.
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