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Group A
1. A forgetful artist who desires to create a masterpiece painting is hampered by his 
quick temper and lack of love for others.

2. A hopeful college graduate searches for his birth parents. He is awkward around other 
people and has no idea whom to trust.

3. Trapped in a cubicle, a curious, impulsive poltergeist lacks the ability to carefully 
consider his options for escape.

4. A hopelessly romantic astronaut finds his passion tested when he grumpily wakes up in 
an unfamiliar bedroom.

5. A young woman, institutionalized by her jealous sisters in a foreign country, yearns 
for attention.

6. A kind and simple middle-aged woman finds herself being followed by strange people. She 
wishes she could be free of past mistakes that have led her to be intimidated by those in 
positions of power.

7. On the Day of the Dead, one skeleton desperately tries to win the love of another.

8. Hundreds of years in the future, technology advances have reduced interaction between 
humans to zero; that is, until a chance accident brings two people together.

9. An old man sits on a bench and watches as the passersby grow older as they walk by.

10. A middle-aged man about to commit suicide suddenly notices a very tiny man sitting 
right next to him. He discovers that this tiny man has been responsible for all the coincidences 
in his life... until now.

11. A proud illiterate woman fights to win back unrequited love.

12. A man in his mid-20's receives a mysterious package that inspires him to come out of 
his shell and provide sanctuary for a neighbor in need.

Group B
1. character comes to fork in road, had to decide path.

2. character overlooking cliff; scared but takes leap which takes hime places or 
something happens.

3. character tries to feed his pet rock.

4. two images within picture frames interacting

5. character afraid to go outside when it is actually a fantastic creative world.

6. children of war, youth with guns.

7. youth character trying to reach posession that is in a high place.

8. lifeguard who never gets to save anyone.

9. beggar who only wants a can of clean air.

10. kid at a candy counter who has a drooling problem.

11. garbage man who finds a strange pet.

12. old character who tries to keep lawn clean (grumpy).

13. chess characters who fight for a queen's respect/ love(?).

14. man who's job is boring whan an interesting package arrives.

15. baby who will stop at nothing to get what it wants.

16. character has special item they never let out always take care of and waste their 
life away keeping it safe.

17. charcter who can change the world around them through music (physically playing 
or in music in head).

18. ugliest creature yet plays music beautifully.

19. souless creature that seeks something to fill the void.

20. grotesque victims of war who need sustenance.

21. a hero who fails yet realizes he is normal ( or has a specific dream that is easily 
achieved by ordinary person).

22. haunting shadows, character tries to maintain light (afraid of dark).

23. character who plays dress up but realizes that self is better(weird things happen 
when puts on cloths).

Group C
1. Obsessive cleaner, can't get the table cleaned.

2. Drops food while cooking.

3. Burns house from christmas tree.

4. A chemist mistake happens.

5. Can't reach top of chimney to paint.

6. Tries to fix toilet and can't fix it.

7. Crosses traffic, nearly misses a car, and then hits a bicyclist.

8. can't get computer to turn on.

9. Chases a roach around the house.

10. Can't pull plug from the wall.

11. Tries to sit down, but chair keeps moving.

12. can't get paintball gun to work.

Group D
1. Computer builds gone bad.

2. Speaker with little volume.

3. The book of no knowledge.

4. A lightswitch that turns on the world.

5. Bookbag of infinite belongings.

6. Visuals win over sound.

7. The neverflushing toilet.

8. The firealarm that called "fire".

9. Utility knife convinces paperclip to cut paper.

10. Car won't start in the rain.

11. Cooler won't fit in trunk.

12. He who laughs last, laughs best.

Group E
1. Metallic creature loses his rivets.

2. A new doctor finds that his first patient isn’t normal.

3. Two berry trees  play a practical joke on another character.

4. A boy who constantly changes moods (his head changes) meets a friend and tries 
to keep his cool, but completely loses control.

5. A plane crash survivor in a boat finds an island, but the island sinks.

6. A snowman begins to melt.

7. Bug morphs into big creature then morphs back into bug and flies home to his cocoon.

8. Alien with no teeth finds a piece of gum.

9. A stick figure creature on paper tries to come out of the paper and into reality.

10. A gossip factory is in an uproar when someone accidentally records a local 
gossip on every gossip product.

11. Two coconuts gather their friends and try to have a fun day at the beach.

12. Short guy tries to reach large, elevated panels.

Group F
1) Love conquers all.

2) A penny saved is a penny earned.

3) The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

4) Tough guy trying to open a jar.

5) The loser becomes the popular kid.

6) Life is like a box of chocolates...

7) Three is a crowd.

8) The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

9) Hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk.

10) You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.

11) The early bird catches the worm.

12) Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.

Group G
1. First date gone bad.

2. Old person loses teeth

3. Lost remote.

4. What does this button do?

5. locked out of the house.

6. An uninspired motivational speaker.

7. Who are you  and what are you doing in my bed?

8. Awkward train ride.

9. An itch that wont go away.

10. A bird has nested in my beard.

11. The brakes aren't working.

12. There is a strange man in my car.

Group H
1. Color the world

2. Curiosity killed (or brought danger to) the cat 

3. Machine malfunctions to create brilliant invention

4. Concept of "reality" is questioned

5. Tiny world inside your computer

6. Outcast, unlike everyone else, finds own way to be like and even better than the others 

7. Discovery of a new world/territory leads to power struggle and an unlikely winner

8. Child's favorite toy brings bad luck to everyone else

9. Consequences of losing a bet

10. Monotonous activities create musical harmonies

11. Tattoo acts as a teleporter when it is touched

12. Paintings come to life at night

Group I
1) Old man Drives a school bus, and forgets something importants at home while working

2)cat needs water, from iguanas water bowl

3) fireifhgter has to put out a raging fire but has phobia of water

4) baby has phobie of crib toys. starts to halucinate

5) Talking hand gernades who fear for the lives

6) mustard and mayonase fighting over the love of their owner. One dies

7) pencils go on strike due to cruel punishment

8) Ninjas raid a castle, but one is very unprepared. ex: squeeky 
slippers, forgot sword, scared of spiders

9) voodoo witch doctor goes out for golf. Someone picks up his doctor stuff and 
begins to play - when suddenly- he is mistaken for the doctor for an important matter
10) man gous around abusing office equipment - one day the equiptment comes to LIFE !

11) tree constintaly gets pee'd on, and begins to strugle to prevent this from re-occuring.

12) spaceman needs to collect moon rocks, but is constantly inturupted by "pop-Star"- who 
is a wack jobs wierdo. 

Group J
1. A hermit crab looks for a home

2. A homeless man finds a musical instrument

3. Angel and devil argue on a person's shoulders

4. Robots playing cards

5. messenger pidgeon makes a delivery

6. A gecko gathers food

7. Pie-eating contest gone wrong

8. Panda does good deeds

9. bumbling assassin can't do their job right

10. misuse of VR goggles

11. animal breakdance battle

12. Lumberjack attempts to cut down a tree

13. A painting comes to life

14. Lemming realizes suicide is wrong

15. Cars argue completely in honks

Group K
1-Writer can't Write because of dry hand.

2-Flower does not like its own fragrance.

3-Toddler wants to go for a world tour.

4-A pensile want to dance like Michel Jackson.
5-Book is not happy what it is written about.

6-All body parts have their own mind.

7-Fear meets happiness and lives confuse ever after.

8-Lazy Pigeon always deliver a wrong mail. 

9-Computer is tired of searching.

10-Little bird finds the recipe of disaster.

11-Grain of rice wants to take over the world.

12-A page dose not want to be written on it. 

Group L
1. A character seems to be getting smaller as the world around him grows to 
be big so it must find a way to co-exist.

2. The seasons of year are fighting and the character is trying to live within the 
enviornment and he must help the seasons get along.  

3. A characters fantasy dream world is overcome with evil nightmares and he/she 
must get it back to the way it used to be.

4. A society has come up with a way to rid their world of smog and polution through 
a mechanical being which runs into complications because it goes on stike. 

5. A biological entity is living peacefully in its biological environment until a 
cancerous threat tries to rid it of existence. 

6. A group of dolls or stuffed creatures are happily being played with that is until 
they are sold and their new owner wishes to play with them in a much different way.

7.  A mime is fired from his job because he has lost his talent to act so he must go 
out and seek to regain the talent that he is known for. 

8.  A monk becomes homeless because his radical views and must find a way to rejoin 
his people by showing them what he believes is right.

9. A forest is overcome with evil plants and the native plant life must fight back 
before they are killed by the other plant life.

10. A society of construction objects enjoy doing their jobs until one day a mischievous 
group of signs and cones decide to cause problems by doing opposite what they are supposed to.

11. A city of dust bunnies are freed from the natural habitat due to construction and 
they must find a new home.

12.  A group of private investigators/detectives must solve a crime with the aid of a 
ghost that uses the enviornment to communicate to them.

Group M
1. Everyone wants to see her beautiful eyes – a small bug said

2. Suspicious character want to know where the best cheese in the world made.

3. My first driving test and that stray dog.

4. An old wall from Mangol Empire, near the school.

5. A family with whom, I spend my last night.

6. A warrior on a horse in the Himalayan Mountains.

7. Pencil, hanging in a strange position outside the door.

8. Files that are missing from drawers.

9. A mouse, who wants to save a cat.

10. “How to start a business” - a book by a beggar.

11. Long hair becomes snake.

12. Printers don’t want to print anymore.

13. A dog bites a man and gets disappeared.

14. A chicken, who want to die.

15. Party is about to starts and food is already over.

Group N
1.	Three people try and sleep in one little bed

2.	Vacation gone bad

3.	Snow in the summer

4.	War kills

5.	Too many bills not enough money

6.	Fast food makes you fat

7.	First date jitters

8.	Freshman find their way through campus

9.	A rainy day in Bowling Green

10.	Traffic jam on a country back road

11.	Pollution destroys 

12.	Experiences of driving behind a student driver

Group O
1.  Pillows find frogs friendly.

2.  All is fair in love and war.  

3.  Donkey Kong gains control of the mind.

4.  The man's talking goat needs to learn how to cross over a stack of hay.

5.  Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

6.  Walking on a tight rope sometimes feels like you're walking to the moon.

7.  Repeating the past makes you commit evil actions to your loved ones.

8.  Jump off a bridge, I did it once, and it knocked my ideas litteraly out of my head.

9.  Accenting motivation brings your goal closer.

10.  Look both ways before you cross the street.

11.  Knowing your limits before you break them puts you above all others.

12.  By the loss of a bit of my brain shows me why I need to clean up after myself.

Group P
1. Real isn't a definable thing.

2. Love defies all reason.

3. Cats cannot fly.

4. Trees are old, they could tell us a lot.

5. One clock tells the time. More confuse the time.

6. Online worlds are better known than the real world.

7. Only thought provoking-art is good art.

8. Everything can be taken offensively.

9. Being efficient is good. Being realistic is better.

10. Making friends is easy, keeping them is much more difficult.

11. It is better to be happy than to be rich.

12. Gossip only has a way of making things worse.

Group Q
1. Girl drinks to much caffiene then gets panic attack.

2. Your shoes are tired of going in your footsteps. It time they make their own footsteps.

3. You think you see what I do, but really I'm in another world.

4. High Class Garabage

5. The mouse that ate the mouse trap

6. The unexpirable milk

7. Its a canning war between the fruit and vegatables

8. The Computers commute to school

9. My speakers speak to me 

10. I prefer the mind of my pencil over my own mind

11. The whip cream beats the nuts out of peanut butter

12. The grass turns my car on.

Group R
1. 1 kid playing video game for the first time. other kid beat it many times 
and wants to tell the other kid what is going to happen throughout the game and 
ruin it for him.

2. little deer teaches class full of hungry dinosaurs.

3. prophet sits under a tree and gives helpful advice to 2 characters and refuses 
to give advice to a greedy character.

4. Sun refuses to shine. Goes on vacation.

5. birds swim and fish fly.

6. meat grows on trees. veggies walk around?

7. World is ending and people must be turned into robots to survive.

8. Tentants ask landlord to fix things but they dont.

9. Silly  traffic citation becomes HUGE problem

10. Science fair goes terribly wrong

11. unlikely hero saves the day

12. bird forgets how to fly

Group S
1. Racecar driver cannot stop speeding

2. ketchup is jealous of mustard

3. holy umbrella, lets the rain and lord in

4. toothbrush need to find his paste

5. soccerball moves from Europe to America

6. duck afraid of water

7. big man in a little world

8. polarbear wants a tan

9. mummy to the dry cleaner

10. fly wants to join the picnic

11. alligator goes to the dentist

12. cell phone sneaks into library

Group T
1.	Young child attempts to potty train his/her pet rock.

2.	Turtle tries to decorate shell to fit in.

3.	A couch and a recliner try to control their throw pillow children.

4.	Meat in display case tries to avoid being chosen for the meat slicer.

5.	Student driver taking driving test when brakes go out.

6.	Pen goes on date with pencil and others stare.

7.	The terrors of being the class pet.

8.	Pop machine gets thirsty and battles to find quarters.

9.	Dog falls in love with fire hydrant.

10.	Dust throws a "roof party" on top of ceiling fan blade.

11.	Flip flops and sneakers have a dance off.

12.	Sock seeks lost mate while visiting the scene of the crime, the dryer.

Group U
1.  One person tries to make sense of another person’s “odd” customs/culture but is confused.   

2.  Some extremes are beauty in some people's eyes.     

3.  Reminiscing and missing the past ends up in a mid-life crisis.  

4.  Freedom is taken for granted.   

5.  People do not like what they do not understand.    

6.  All is fair in love and war.  

7.  Knowledge is good when in the right hands.  But what happens when it is in the wrong hands?

8.  Precautionary systems cross over the line into control mechanisms.  

9.  Fear governs lives.  

10.  At a certain time, one finds one’s true self despite culture, family, or spirituality.   

11.  What is “weird” for one person is “beauty” to another. 

12.  One person’s garbage is another person’s treasure.           

Group V
1.  Bobble-headed man tries to get a job interview but his head gets in the way 

2.  Shy guy tries to put moves on a girl while watching a movie

3.  A mole blindly tries to find food on the surface

4.  An archer hunts a bear in a confusing forest

5.  A super intelligent giant frog attempts to make himself a normal frog

6.  A clumsy beast creature tries to climb up a mountain to get something 

7.  Skinny guy tries to lift weights in a gym

8.  Architect builds houses but they fall over once he builds them

9.  Peanut butter comes alive and avoids being eaten

10. A shark wants to live on the beach but can't breath for long

11. Triclops has a daredevil contest with a bully Cyclops

12. Flying snake hurts it's wing and attempts to fly again 

Group W
1.	The young husband swallows his toothbrush

2.	The Skydiver forgets his parachute

3.	The Policeman Put a Message in a Bottle

4.	The Garbage Truck Guy went Bob Sledding

5.	The Doctor Switched Religions

6.	The Movie star fried bacon

7.	The Butcher picks up playing violin

8.	The newscaster replaced her halergen fluid

9.	The Technician put a message in a bottle

10.	The Garbage Truck Guy switched Religions

11.	The Wizard rode a dirt bike

12.	The Butcher put a message in a bottle

Group X
1)	An old man leads the geezer revolution.

2)	Standing atop the world watching it burn to ashes.

3)	A person who is tired of color and paints the world black and white.

4)	An old man trying to figure out technology.

5)	Creating something unique.

6)	Singer flying away to the moon.

7)	Retro sixes monks.

8)	Artist V.S. Musician’s art off.

9)	Drawings spell out philosophy

10)	Evil genius goes grocery shopping.

11)	Racing the cops to the station.

12)	Finding a renewable source of energy with blonde technology.

13)	Snoutball searching the ruins of the ancient PETCO for the golden fire hydran.

14)	The invasion of the politicians without brains.

15)	Snoutball in the race to get the snout rag.

16)	Visiting Karma on the weekend.

17)	Martian lovers peak, Martian trying to get lucky with human women. While 
human female does realize the Martian is real.

Group Y
1) The delivery. A package arrives 3 years late

2) The Great Chase- a bike races its younger counterpart 

3) Sour Grapes
4) Bad exposure 
5) Sore Loser

6) Unknowing Magician- A magician who knows nothing about magic

7) Thirst-

8) Bad escape-

9) Sleep walking )Detective- a detective solves crimeshe commited unknowingly in his sleep

10) Forgetful Crook- A crook forgets his actions duringa robbery

12) Mr. wrong- a man claims to know everything but he is wrong everytime.