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Topics for the semester:
Storytelling and story structure
     Inciting incident
     Protagonist vs. antagonist
     Primary and secondary roles
     Concept statements
     7 sentence stories
     1 concept sentence (what is the story about)
     Story types
     Seven sentence stories, theme statements
     Analyzing stories

Brainstorming and previsualization

Character Development
     Personality attributes
     Character Profile sheets



Acting for animators
     Walk with emotion
     body language
     silent exchange
     video references
     acting out situation

Character Animation Exercises
     Keep Alive
     Weight - lifting
     Hand gestures
     Facial animation

Principles of Animation
     12 principles

     Squash and stretch
     Overlapping action
     Secondary action
     Ease in/ease out



Cinematic language
     Camera shots and angles
     Cuts, fades, dissolves and transitions

Sound for animation

     Shots and sequencing
     Motion markings

Concept art

Setting / Environment

     Modeling of environment
     Lighting, mood, texturing

Modeling of character