Class Schedule - Fall 2006 - ARTC 443 - Bowling Green State University
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August                                                               Tentative Schedule
21 Mon Syllabus, introduction to creating particle systems, Particle Attributes, Hardware Rendered particles, Sprite Particles, Add Dynamic Attributes, Lifespan. Abstraction in Film. Intro to Particles  
23 Wed Software particles, Particle Emitters, Dynamic Relationships, Fields, Hardware rendering. Emitters/Fields Notes  
28 Mon Review of Particles so far. Introduction to Audio (sound scapes). Collisions, Collision Events, Initial States, Start Frame, Showcase of films. Collisions Notes
Audio Notes
Due: sounds (10)
30 Wed Particle color, Per Particle Attributes, Showcase of films. Per Particle Notes Due: 3 Sequences
4 Mon Labor Day - No school    
6 Wed Compositing in After Effects, Projects, Compositions, Timelines, Layers Compositing 1 Notes  
11 Mon Compositing cont. compositing transformation and keyframing, rendering and organizing layers. Effects and masking. Compositing 2 Notes Due: 3 scenes
13 Wed MEL scripting, Particle Expressions, Audio Part 2 Audio 2 Notes  
18 Mon Individual Review of Progress   Due: 3/4 done
20 Wed Workday.    
25 Mon Critique Project 1.   Due: Project 1
27 Wed Other Effects, Fluid Effects, Fire, etc. Effects Notes  
2 Mon Visiting Artist Lecture   Due: Project 1 revised
4 Wed Ramps, array mapper, normal and tangent speed, Particle IDs, collisions, emission Particle Extras  
9 Mon Fall Break - No class  
11 Wed Attaching Geometry to particles. Critique of Juxtapositioning Assignment. geometry + Particles Due: Effects Composite
16 Mon Particle Sprite Animation, Butterfly, Texture Utilities  
18 Wed Introduction to metaphor and abstract storytelling.   Due: Revised Effects Composite
23 Mon Paint Effects, 2d and 3d painting, attributes and animation.   Due: Inclass exercise
25 Wed Staging, camera cuts/scenes, narrative language.    
30 Mon Rendering and Compositing Effects    
1 Wed Effects and transitions. Showcase of films.    
6 Mon Story analysis  
8 Wed Critiques of Models, textures, lighting, environments and motion/particle tests.   Due: Components
13 Mon Individual meetings    
15 Wed Individual meetings    
20 Mon In progress critique   Due: 3 scenes
22 Wed Thanksgiving Break - No classes.    
27 Mon Workday    
29 Wed Workday    
4 Mon Render/Animation quantity inspection - in progress critique   6 Rendered stills, Playblasts, animatics
6 Wed Post production and Audio work    
EXAM week
11 Mon 6-8 Final Critique of QT version (Sorenson 3) of final animation.   Due: Final Animation
13 Wed Final DVD mastered, QT version (animation compression) on Homework folder, online portfolio updated.   Due: DVD and QT Revised Final, Portfolio updated