Creating and Browsing Files in the Document Window

The Document window is the center for code and content development. It has tabs for working in Edit and Browse mode, and to view Help. You can press F12 to switch from the Help to Edit tab, and press F12 again to switch from the Edit to Browse tab.

The rest of this section describes each tab in detail.


To edit your page visually, you can open it in Dreamweaver from HomeSite. Dreamweaver enables you to prototype page layouts, create HTML tables and forms, set font and image formatting, generate DHTML elements, and more. For instructions, see "Adding Document Content".

Edit tab

This tab contains the HTML editor, which has many productivity features for creating and editing code, content, and navigation structures. You can easily insert tags, generate code, and add content from text files, Microsoft Office applications, or directly from the Web. You can easily create templates to insert common content.

The Edit toolbar extends vertically to the left of the Document window below the Edit tab when the Edit tab is selected. A descriptive tooltip appears for each button when you position the cursor over it.

Browse tab

This tab displays the current document in the internal browser. This is handy when you are making many changes to a page that does not require processing by a server, for example to preview formatting changes.

The Browse toolbar displays at the top of the Document window when the Browse tab is selected. You can position the cursor over each toolbar button to see a descriptive tooltip. You can use the toolbar to browse open documents, refresh the display, and access browser tools. The document URL displays according to the current server mapping. For details, see "Configuring External Browsers".

You can press F12 to display the current document in the internal browser, or press F11 to view the document in the default external browser.

Help tab

This tab displays tag-specific Help and pages from the Help References. This tab becomes visible in the workspace when you first open it.

To open the Help tab, do one of the following: