Third-Party Add-Ins

Scripting support offers many possibilities for third-party developers. For the latest news on third-party add-ins, visit the VTOM Scripts section of the Macromedia Developer Exchange at

Running a script at startup

If you want to distribute an add-in, you can register it to run the script.

At start-up, the program executes any scripts it finds listed in these Windows Registry keys:




After these keys are read, the program deletes the entries so that they do not execute again.

Sample startup script

// This script adds a toolbar for an application.
// Add a string entry whose value contains the 
// full path to the script you want to run 
Sub Main
  const TB_NAME = "MyApp"
  Dim app

  set app = Application

  ' delete toolbar if it already exists
  if app.ToolbarExists(TB_NAME) then
  end if

  ' recreate toolbar
  app.CreateToolbar TB_NAME

  ' dock it to the bottom
  app.SetToolbarDockPos TB_NAME, 2

  ' add app toolbutton
  app.AddAppToolbutton TB_NAME, "c:\MyApp\MyApp.exe", "", "Click to run
  ' add tag toolbutton
  app.AddTagToolbutton TB_NAME, "<div>", "</div>", "DIV Toolbutton",
    "DV", ""
    ' add script toolbutton
  app.AddScriptToolbutton TB_NAME, app.AppPath + "test.bas" , "Script
    Toolbutton", "SC", ""
    ' add VTM toolbutton
  app.AddVTMToolbutton TB_NAME, app.AppPath +
    "Extensions\TagDefs\HTML\div.vtm" , "VTM Toolbutton", "VT", ""

End Sub