Customizing the Tag Chooser

The Tag Chooser contains all supported tag sets and is the primary interface for tag selection. The screen shot shows the Tag Chooser with an HTML tag highlighted and the embedded Help for that tag displayed.

Pressing the Select button opens the editor for the highlighted tag. Tags that do not have attributes, and therefore do not need a tag editor, are indicated in the list by displaying both start and end tags and are inserted directly into the document.

Tag Chooser content and behavior is determined by a set of VTML files which can be identified by opening the Extensions/MarkUpTag.vtm files.

The Expression Builder displays a hierarchical view of all supported expression elements, and fully supports ColdFusion 5. Elements can be selected to create complex expressions for insertion in applications and for other programming needs.

You can adapt these tools to meet new requirements imposed by the evolution of HTML, CFML, JSP, other tag-based languages and supported Web technologies.

The content and the behavior of these tools is controlled by two templates: MarkupTags.VTM and ExpressionElements.VTM. Both are located in the \Extensions\ subdirectory of your visual tools installation directory.

Two VTML tags, cat and e, let you customize the content of tag dialog boxes:

Exploring the new VTML structure

If you modified existing language elements or added new elements, such as custom tags, in previous versions, you will notice a significant change in the Extensions folder and in the Extensions/MarkUpTags file. In previous releases, the MarkUpTags file was a repository of VTML coded information for all the supported languages. It was a large complex document. This release takes a more modular approach to VTML language support by using the new vtinclude tag to group languages in discrete files that are then included in the MarkUpTags file.

Editing language elements

To modify existing elements, you first identify the language file in MarkUpTags.vtm, then open that file in the Extensions/Includes folder to make your changes.