Testing Page Download Times

A document's weight, that is, the time it takes for the page to download, is a good metric for testing a site's design and effectiveness. Public sites and intranets with remote users must achieve a balance between attractive content and tolerable page-loading times. HomeSite can help you find that balance by supplying values for document download times across a range of modem speeds.

Only image files (GIF, JPG, PNG) are tested and included in the Dependencies list

The following graphic shows a sample Document Weight list:

To test the current document's download time:

  1. Select Tools > Document Weight.

    The file's dependencies, such as image and media files, are listed along with file size and download times for a range of modem speeds. Tags in comments are not calculated.

  2. If the page's download time exceeds the site's requirements, edit the page to decrease the number or size of dependencies, and re-test.

HomeSite uses the Root URL setting in your FTP configuration to determine the relative path to files.

To set the root URL for an FTP server:

  1. In the Resources window, click a Files tab.
  2. In the Drive List, select Macromedia FTP & RDS.
  3. Right-click a server name and select Properties.
  4. In the Configure FTP Server dialog box, complete the Root URL field and click OK.